The Diesel Vehicle Ban

The Diesel Vehicle Ban

Like all bans, I would imagine that the reason behind the ban of diesel vehicles entering Delhi city is entirely different. Far too often the social causes are used as a reason for the banning something. It is the government or society trying to implement its own agenda under the garb of “Greater Good”.

Yes the air pollution is bad in Delhi. But it is so in many other cities too. What makes Delhi so special? Is it because of its status as the Capital of the country? and thereby all the VVIPs. AAP reduces the electricity tariff and water bills in Delhi? Apart from it being the state they rule, are we saying that other cities in the country do not suffer from these problems?

But coming back to the ban. Let us look at who benefits from the ban on all vehicles older than 10 years. And please… lets not talk about how the quality of air will improve. This quality has been bad for many many years. I still remember 15 years back getting off the flight and the air quality hitting you. So who benefits? Vehicle manufacturers of course! I am wondering if there is an estimate in terms of how many vehicles older than 10 years exist in Delhi/NCR? Given the fact that the automobile population is highest in this region, it would be a very large number that will need replacement.

People shouting for banning the diesel vehicles completely. What is your motivation? Is there a certifiable proof that it is the diesel vehicles that are leading to this? The new age diesel technology is very different from the one that used to exist. Probably on par perhaps with petrol. It is not the vehicle that causes pollution but the poor quality diesel that goes into these automobiles. Of course it is an entirely different issue that the government and the Oil PSUs probably make more money on selling petrol than they do on diesel.

Of course, this ban will also help corrupt officials line their pockets.

My belief has always been that greater good is never ever the reason for the so called actions taken for greater good. Yes some good may actually come out of it but that is not the reason.

Let’s look at this whole controversy on size of the image on Cigarette packs. 40% or 85%… do these policy makers really think it will cut down on smoking?? I would like to know the data of how much did the smoking come down once the images were introduced on the packaging! Oh and it can be from any country and not just India since according to a minister, there is no proof that smoking causes cancer in India. If the governments think that smoking is bad, why not ban every single tobacco product? No wait… banning beef is lot more important right now! Government the world over will never ban these products simply because these products form a very healthy chunk of the revenue. I have a feeling that the way this image controversy will play out is that there will be a negotiation whereby the image size may not go up in a big way but the tax component surely will.

Anyway, call me a cynic for being a non believer in social causes, the fact is that the reason behind people, government and society taking up these causes is always well hidden and never what is shouted from every roof top, every newspaper, every tweet etc. etc.

H1N1 death in Pune… Yet another example of “care” in Healthcare

It took a death to bring into play the whole blame game. It also exposed 1. Government claims about the epidemic being in complete control 2. The mentality of Private Sector healthcare providers where providing care is all about business.

A while back I had written a post about how the “care” has gone missing from healthcare and it has come true yet again.

There had been so much news about the flu in Pune and yet the doctors at the private hospital were found lacking in knowledge. To ask a patient or her parents if she has been in contact with any H1N1 person and then treating the patient basis a negative answer… it shows the thinking and complete apathy of the doctors…

I will say it again… healthcare in India is all about focusing on curative and not preventive… With so much about epidemic in newspapers and am sure in social conversation in their medical fraternity… should the doctors have not been more in tune with the symptoms and suggested an immediate testing for the same?? If I read correctly in the newspapers, government is spending Rs. 1000 for a positive test and Rs 500 for a negative one and is not charging a rupee to the patient. Sure in case of such ailments, panic gets a whole unrelated crowd going for tests (especially when it is for free), but a reputed hospital like that recommending a test… it would have been complied with! But then the hospital would not have made any money from referral… so the patients test were sent to another private hospital for testing (it’s all about money honey). And as we all know, on many occasions, tests are used to squeeze more money out of the patient by keeping them in the hospital longer…

And by the way this cynicism about healthcare is coming through because of personal experiences too.. apart from reading and listening to what goes on in the name of healthcare…

I believe that unless and until we change our focus – preventive rather than curative… the population would continue to suffer because end of the day… suffering population means money for all in the healthcare sector…