India Shining

Two women persecuted and prosecuted for Facebook status. Cops suspended and the political party calls a bandh. A youth persecuted for another update (supposedly not even by him). Two editors of a television channel caught for asking bribe from an industrialist MP. Of course channel hits back saying he wanted to kill the story and was ready to give bribe. PMO is asked by HC if Robert Vadra had involved in the alleged scams he is accused of. And obviously PMO says no (seriously.. did anyone really expect them to say otherwise?). Brazenness of this Government is getting appalling by the day.

This new scheme that everyone is talking about as game changer for the UPA. Absolute trash. It will be announced with much fanfare but will never take off. The people it is meant for, they don’t even have a bank account or aadhar cards! And we can be sure that there will suddenly be thousands of such fake cards and bank accounts so that the money can be siphoned off.

Talking of schemes… it was hilarious that the so-called low-cost Tablet that government was talking about as innovation.. Made in China!!

And FDI in retail. Ikea is coming and wonder who all are getting excited over it? 95% of the population wont even know what Ikea is or what does it do. Talking about FDI, no one seems to be flying into India to buy stakes in airlines. Why? Because government has ensured that the aviation sector which was shining few years back is gasping for breath. Much like the telecom sector.

Couple caught for committing fraud worth 500 crores. Wonder how they were able to live such a lavish lifestyle without being noticed. Banks which are supposed to be very particular about who has an account, never figured out where they were getting money from? I think banks don’t bother checking if large sums of money are involved. It’s the average person they make suffer. And talking of banks, what exactly were they doing lending money to Kingfisher Airlines when it was not making profits or even able to clear debts??

IOC wants to suspend IOA because of the way the elections are being manipulated. IOC needs to get real. This is how things functions in India! and like cricket, in next few decades India will be the money center for Olympics too.. so the sooner they accept IOA the way it is, the better. Suresh Kalmadi made money, let others make money too. After all, the Commonwealth Games were a big success!

And all this is happening, the economy is increasingly going downhill and 2013 seems to be the year when everything will fall apart and what is this Government with so many financial stalwarts up to? Trying hard to ensure they last the full term and come up with populist schemes which will help them get to power in next election. Of course, the opposition is no better. They are clueless. They accuse the incumbent of corruption when there are enough corrupt people in their own parties.



Incredible India

For over three hours… for people inside the stadium and the millions watching on TV… India was incredible! Yesss.. I think we had a spectacular opening ceremony! For that duration, everything was forgotten as the dazzle and the Rs 70 crores balloons with all the images on TV was enthralling. And of course Kalmadi got booed during his speech (was expected) and as one of my friends messaged… no need to burn him alive.. we can just hang him! lol

After all the mess in last one month leading up to the Commonwealth Games opening, I think a lot of us had tuned in to see if there are more screw ups (voyeurism at its best) and it was gripping stuff… Children forming Namaskar… fabulous stuff. The Indian ingenuity of getting it right at the last minute came through… as always. Gill can now gloat about his Indian wedding comment.

And not to miss the Incredible India commercial that played throughout. Awesome Ad!

I think all would be forgotten now and brushed under the carpet. The games would go off well and we would be back to our lives and media would have to look for something else to cry themselves hoarse about.