Sunday Evening

Before I move ahead with the post.. some credit where it is due for making the Sunday evening what it was!

95 FM- for putting the thought in my head

Airtel – for awesome 16mbps experience (it’s been a while I have been using and it is awesome

Bacardi Reserva – For adding to the experience (shocking for people who know my drinking habits)

The evening was normal enough.. I stepped out to buy a few things and a haircut (yes I do need one for those who know me and wonder why I need a haircut) and on the way back RJ was talking about a cover that Heart had done last year for Led Zeppelin song – Stairway to Heaven..

Got back home, switched on the Laptop and then to ¬†YouTube to check the song out. Was awesome! and it was something to see Robert Plant wiping tears towards the end (there was Obama too at the concert). And this is where the evening took a turn….

Called my son to check out the guitar solo in the song (he is learning guitar).. from there on for next half an hour… I took him through Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, The Doors (he recognised Break on through the other side as my caller tune) Ritchie Blackmore.. I thought I had him hooked and it was 8pm and he wanted to watch Chennai Express (fickle minded kids)!

But I had got into the mood… he moved off and I got lost… Stairway to heaven followed by Kashmir, When the levee breaks, whole lotta love… and more.. Moved to Doors – LA Woman, Riders on the Storm, Roadhouse Blues…

CCR playing Heard it through the grapevine (you have to listen to the 11 min version to hear the guitar… absolute nirvana… Suzie Q…

And then there was no end… suggestions would keep popping up and I would click.. so heard Mark Knopfler & Eric Clapton on Guitar, Phil Collins on drums and Mark and Sting on vocals singing Money for nothing…

Heard Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and London Philharmonic Orchestra doing a version of Smoke on the Water..

Then Elton John and Axel Rose paying a tribute to Freddie Mercury by singing Bohemian Rhapsody… and then the concert itself which was the tribute to Freddie Mercury…

Somewhere in all this.. I dug up an old bottle of Bacardi Reserva… Lot of ice in the glass and the rum poured over the ice…. took me back to college days.. music playing.. lights off and all these bands on a cassette player (those days!) and a bunch of friends drinking Old Monk…

People who enjoy this music.. they will know the world I was in for about three hours.. those who don’t.. Let me tell you.. this music will still be alive when their kids are growing up.. but what they listen to right now will be dead and buried..

Awesome evening.. One of the best Sunday evenings… and I don’t think I will be able to recreate it next Sunday or the Sunday after… It’s that one trigger that led to this evening and you cannot get that trigger again.. memorable..

So how did you spend your Sunday evening? Bet it wasn’t as awesome as this!