The circus is back in town

Five years on.. its back in town. the big democracy circus!

Of course we been going through the teaser trailers for a while now…. the jokers are up out there.. telling people how they are gonna transform the lives of people in this country.

People? what people?? what transformation?

So for next two months, everything will be put on hold and all discussion would only revolve around the big jamboree leading up to 15th May.

And as always we as a nation will get the government we deserve… just like in my profession we say the client gets the agency it deserves.. not the best one but the one they opt for…

And this time for once, I will not be a cynic without a vote.. I get to vote too!!!!

What’s up Mr. Kejriwal??

Delusions of grandeur is it?

The darbar reminded me of all the books I have read on history of India and how the Mughal Emperors used to hold darbar for the common man. Did it feel that you were an Emperor talking down to the aam admi when you you had to speak from the pulpit?

There is an old adage that power corrupts and while I was all your party in the lead up to the Delhi elections, I am not so sure you and your party would stay aam for very long.

Power is an aphrodisiac.. isn’t it? and more importantly when it lets you do whatever you want…

I always used to think that you would be lot more progressive and forward-looking as a person and as a government but the talks of Swaraj and subsidies… seems like you want India to go back into the dark ages. And subsidies reeks of playing to the popular sentiments which all parties have done in the past! Where will the money come from for the subsidies?

And can we be done with the sham of not having fancy houses and one rupee as a token salary?? Let’s get real. And also tell your cronies to get real too. Imagine.. asking the judges to report in front of the minister like they are they lackeys of the government!

Maybe a crash course (the like we used to have back in school in Civics to understand the role of each function).

Keep in mind that you got 28 seats because it is the urban, social media driven people who voted for you and not those who you were looking down at in your august darbar.

Keep your national aspirations aside for the moment and focus on doing something for delhi that will make people believe that they did the right thing by voting for you.

But of course.. why would what I say matter to you. I am not an aam admi and nor do I live in Delhi…

Can we bury these fossils please?

When will these old ‘foot in the France’s politicians learn to shut up!

As if there isn’t enough Advani has done to mess up Narendra Modi’s chances by behaving in a petulant manner.. Rajnath Singh has to open his trap.

What losing of culture are you talking about Mr. Singh? What we call.culture is just a mask we Indians like to wear. A mask that hides the animal in all of us. So shut the f*** up and retire to whichever hole you had emerged from. And let Modi take care of things.

Oh and that reminds me.. All those who.have taken offense to Modi calling the ‘secularism’ bluff of all other parties.. I also got a question to ask. What really is your definition of secularism? Shaft the majority Hindus to uplift minorities votebank?? It is this definition of secularism that allows yadavs and the Mayawatis to have any kind if say in the political system. Secularism and also reservation is a fraud perpetrated by the so called leaders of freedom movement.. Must have been a great political movie at that point of time but now.. It’s just a way to shut the Hindu upper castes up..who supposedly are more well off than the protected ones..

And why? Because we had to fight harder.. For place in school and in colleges and hell.. Everywhere else too! Made us stronger and better because we knew that the only thing govt.will do for us is to raise taxes and take away our hard earned money and give it to the protected species.

Anyways enough political ranting for the.weekend. Had lots to type but then why bother.. Nothing will ever change…