Happy Place

We all have our happy place right? Or we don’t? The place we go to when we want to get away from it all. It could be a physical space that we head out to (not possible often enough). Or it could be the mind space. Mind full of happy memories. Mind where we also look forward to a great time ahead and feel happy. The smile on our faces and people wonder if we are insane. Yes there is also a box in our mind which tends to get opened up. Of memories that are happy ones and yet create an ache.

For a long time, books used to be my happy place. I could totally get lost in words and the pages. Used to transport myself into the unfolding plot.

Off late though I have discovered meditation. Yeah a very late entrant into this. It’s been a week. Am still struggling to cleanse my mind of all the thoughts and immerse myself. But I think I have found my happy place.

Lot of people who know me, weird is what they will think. I do not come across as meditation kind of guy. But I felt I need to experience this too.

It has been a great experience so far. I am doing only 7 mins of chakra meditation. Hopefully when I learn to let go of all the thoughts, I might be able to increase the time.

I haven’t figured out the chakra part either. I am sure as I move through various chakras, I should be focusing on the body part that each chakra impacts. Will learn as I go along 🙂

So what’s your happy place?

We don’t get old

Louis Armstrong

We stop living. We blame age. We blame our physical strength. We blame our failing mental health. We look for excuses for not doing enough as we grow old.

On the one hand we are extremely scared of growing old and on the other hand we use age as a crutch for not living. And this excuse has started happening at an age much younger than before. While we go to gym and we consider ourselves very fit, it is the mental aspect that is taking it’s toll. Our lives have become stressful for sure but then who is responsible for that?  Aren’t we the one who allow that to happen?

Long ago I had written this post about how we keep storing stuff in our heads – Cobwebs of our mind. We don’t do spring cleaning of our mind. We keep hoarding memories. And as is our wont, the shelves in our mind creak under the weight of not so happy memories. And that weight makes us feel old.

The music stops playing.

It is strange though. In our professional life, we work so hard to keep reviving the brands that we work on. Keep them relevant to the changing consumer, changing consumer needs. How come we forget to keep ourselves relevant?

I like to consider myself different. Even though, at times, the thoughts do creep in about being old, I take a broom and clear up the rubbish.

Am not getting old in a hurry. I am not going to retire. The music will not stop playing. I still have a lot of music left in me. 🙂

When the levee breaks

The title of the post is courtesy Led Zeppelin. Though not in the context of the song.

When the levee breaks, you are inundated.. Flooded… The waves that break through the levee washes you away.

It could be a flood of work, stress, emotions… If the levee of your mind is not strong enough, you will be washed away. And getting washed away here means that you react to a situation to get through the emergency. You make decisions that you think will shore up the barrier. A temporary arrangement which you think is a permanent solution. It never is. And the next big wave shows you that. And it is but natural… When you are about to drown, the only thought in your head is to keep that head above water. You are not thinking of ways to swim to safety.. I have read somewhere that most people drown because they are fighting the current. That is what happens to most of us.

What if we conditioned ourselves to be devoid of fear, devoid of insecurity, devoid of all emotions that cause panic… Won’t it allow our response to be lot better? 

That conditioning actually will make the levee much stronger and even if it breaks, we will have the surf board in our mind that will help us to ride the waves to a new shore.

Through the evolution of life on this planet, destruction has always led to birth of a new life… For something new to happen, something old has to give way…

Cobwebs of the mind

Do we really ever clean them?

There are racks and cupboards in our mind where we store our experiences, learnings and everything else that we come across – images, stories, music…

Over  time old memories get pushed back… pushed deeper into various crevices of the mind… finding spaces and they get old, dusty and cobwebs start forming around them.

Unfortunately, we don’t do spring cleaning of the shelves and slowly but surely, the shelves start creaking under all the load as we keep piling on our experiences and then they snap and everything collapses (the point of breakdown)

Just as in life we can’t let go of things (don’t believe me? walk up to your store-room or open up your cupboard or get into your attic and you will know what I mean), same way we can’t let go of memories and experiences. In your store you will find stuff that is beyond repair, stuff that you have not used for years and forgotten about it. Now it can’t even be used… but it is there and you won’t want to discard it. Same way, painful memories… memories that do not take you to happy places.. you keep storing them (excuse being “I will learn from them”) and we keep so many of them stored that the shelves of our mind do not have space for the happy stuff and we let the shelf collapse…

If only we would do a regular spring cleaning… create more space for happy memories, we would have opportunities to build more of them… else the mind will reject.. put up a signboard – NO SPACE.

Time for spring cleaning? Time to get those cobwebs removed?

PS – This is a weird post and I don’t even know the thought process that lead to this. Possible that I can hear the shelf creaking under the weight and something tells me that I need a broom in my hand and get started.. or maybe not… maybe it is what this post is getting categorized under – Random thoughts