Doomed to fail

Let’s face the truth. We all are doomed to fail. All the efforts that we put in towards what we call success in life, are nothing but efforts to delay the inevitable.

Let’s take an example. Example of life. Will death be considered our failure to live? If so, then since our birth till we die, all our efforts for a better health and life are nothing but efforts to delay the failure.

Business for example. Every business has a cycle. The ups and downs. A trajectory that almost always spirals downward. The attempts are made to stop the trajectory from flatlining.

Brands constantly reinvent themselves and make themselves relevant to new consumers so that they don’t disappear into oblivion.

Business and brands have a role to play hence they must keep on doing what they are supposed to do. What matters to me is life and living.

In our effort to delay the inevitable, we focus so much on all the effort that is required, we stop living. We are more bothered about death and afterlife that we don’t even realise we are putting this life to waste. What is the point of living to be 100? What are we going to achieve? If anything, we are putting pressure on the eco system and thereby whole lot of other people who have to work even harder to go on living.

Same thing with relationships. We all want our relationships to succeed. To end a relationship is to accept that it has failed. Hence we focus very hard on making it work. We don’t realise that the spontaneity that existed at the beginning, we have killed it by making an effort to make it work.

But I guess that is how we are wired by the social construct. We are not supposed to FAIL. The education system, the professional life… they all instil in is the stigmas of failure and we carry that into our personal life too.

This post is totally random and stems from something I read about failure.




I have figured that all my posts in 2016, might be sounding like I am the preacherĀ at the pulpit giving a sermon every day!

That is not the intention at all.

These posts are about what I see, what I feel…

There is nothing new I say. It is just my perspective on how we live our lives, the choices we make, the regrets we have, the grudges we hold, the insecurities that are part of us… I could go on… the list is endless…

So why am I writing these posts. Am no priest… never was… But I believe that we all have moments in our lives when we seek a way… way out of a situation, way to make life better, way to live a life… And we search for something that will guide us… And not judge us in any way…

I want these posts to be something that you come across when you searching for that way… they help you in some way and as you continue through the journey of life, you keep coming back to these posts to motivate you… to make informed choices….

I know it sounds pompous and incredulous. When there are so many philosophers and deep thinkers writing books on self help and motivation… propogating deep philosophy (also making a big buck while doing that)… who is this Samir Datar who wants to guide people through tough times. What are his credentials… has he claimed Nirvana? Many who know me well would wonder that most of what he says… how much does he really follow…

Am not perfect. Never claimed to be. But it is through living a life, that I have looked at things in a way that is at times shocking, at times radical, going against the grain of what has been taught to us right from the time we were kids… But the fact is that when people my age were growing up, there was nobody giving an alternative point of view.

Everything was structured and formatted. We were supposed to live our lives within that format. We were meant to exist… not meant to live…

So when the world around us is changing constantly and there is a confusion in our minds on how does one navigate the world with a format that seriously has a disconnect, maybe reading my posts might help. Am not saying life will be perfect… but at least you will make those little changes to live the life….

A lot of you would look at the posts with lot of cynicism and think “It is very easy to say all this Mr. Datar… but it is tough when you don’t know our situation”. Well like I said, am not asking you to follow… all am saying is give it a shot.. who knows what happens. As of now what is going to happen you already know but if you thought differently..

Maybe in years to come, some of you might come back to me to either thank me for showing the way or curse me for leading them on the wrong path… but either way I would have made a difference.

(image courtesy internetmonk.com)