Era of evil?

Been thinking about this for a while now. News for whats it worth has been all about killing, intolerance and nothing good at all. Sure there are bits and pieces of good but mostly it’s all bad.

It made me wonder. Why there is so much of this all around. In India and everywhere else. For this post I will stick to India.

Over the weekend I was watching a TV SERIES called Mindhunter on Netflix. It is creepy as hell. Messed up with your mind. And partly responsible for this post.

We seem to have totally given in to our darker side. Positivity and a healthy attitude towards a fellow human being is just not there.

I don’t think it has happened all of a sudden. It has been happening for a while. We have become utterly selfish and self absorbed. The so called seven deadly sins have perhaps stopped being sins.

Why has it happened? Is it just us venting out? Is it technology? Is it us being part of a larger world with access to all things good and evil. Is it just a phase or it’s here to stay?

I believe that freedom and openness that did not exist earlier, is causing all the problems. Think back to perhaps maybe 25 years back or even earlier when we were a rather closed society. Maybe society is the wrong word but we lived in an era where there wasn’t much for us. Everything around us was just enough for basic existence. We were not flooded with images from around the world about what is possible. We lived comfortably in our closed world. We didn’t have great demands from the world around us and in our relationships. Yes, it wasn’t an easy life but we had learnt to accept it.

And then it all changed. Liberalisation, beaming of images on satellite channels, and the biggest disruption called the internet.

All of a sudden it made us realise what we have been missing out on. We looked at the imagery with wide eyes disbelief and perhaps excitement. It became a frenzy. To catch up with the world.

Nothing wrong in that. We all want a better life and means to achieve a better life. It all would have been fine if we focused on a “better life”. But we did not. Better life became acquiring symbols of a better life. And in order to get those symbols, we gave up on our biggest strength – to be a good human being. Materialism and hunger to be better than our neighbours and relatives corrupted us. Corrupted our mind. Once the rot sets in, it is hard to pull things back. It becomes all pervasive and corrupts everything we do and our mind.

We kept demanding for more. And more. Whether in terms of money or relationships, being satisfied with what we have took a beating. That’s when sin stopped being a sin.

Look around you. Stress, hypertension, obesity, depression, couples struggling to have babies, relationships falling apart as soon as they start. Terminology like ONS, FWB, no strings attached, depravation of every possible kind, it’s all around us.

We were pretty healthy and fit in the past. Marriages (or let’s say relationships) lasted a life time. Respect for elders and unconditional love for children were the bulwark of our existence. There was a larger societal connect. All of that is gone.

Technology wasn’t supposed to lead to all of this. It was supposed to make life better. Sure it has on many fronts. We are able to perform better, be more productive, more connected (?) but…

We have stopped being humans. Animals we were and animals we have become. Even animals tend to take care of their own in a herd. We don’t do that. We are totally self centred. Yes we do mouth all the right things but we don’t mean them. Talking social cause is just a step towards building a better brand out of us.

Human mind, it always had a dark side but in the past, we never focused on that dark side. But all that has changed.

We are quick to hate and even quicker on the keyboard to vent out that hate. We might get up in the morning, do pooja and have all the love for our kids but we reach work and layoff a few hundred people. We drive fanciest of cars that block out the misery that exists beyond the tinted glasses and almost sound proof cars. People in South Bombay don’t know anything about the world that exists in suburbs. Same goes for all the posh addresses in all the other cities.

We all believe in Gecko’s philosophy of “Greed is good”

Murder, rape and doing unspeakable things to another human being has become a norm. It is not just at a physical level but even at a mental level. Our minds are taken over by lust – for power, money, fame, satisfaction…

Given how our country moves at different levels of evolution and progress (I laughed when I typed these words), all the evil will continue to exist. The ones who got on the ground floor of evolution will have a more polished approach to evil. The ones who are getting in, will look at everything from a very crass perspective.

Dante wrote inferno in 14th century but we see it all around us now – “realm… of those who have rejected spiritual values by yielding to bestial appetites or violence, or by perverting their human intellect to fraud or malice against fellow men”

Is there a redemption for us? I don’t think there is for the generations that are currently walking this earth. Future generations perhaps. If only the ones who are really young, grow up to despise what we have become and lead the Change. On their own. Not driven by so called social causes promoted by brands.

I would like to believe that eventually we will use technology for what it is supposed to do. I hope we get over all that WE think technology is for.

But till then… like pigs in the muck we will be happy in the this self created muck of our sins.

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