Intolerant! Who we?!

Shame on you people for calling us intolerant. We are the most tolerant society in the world. We have a history that is so rich and so embedded in being civilised. 

Where else will you find so many religions, so many Gods coexist in such a peaceful way.

We believe in “live and let live” philosophy to the hilt.

We believe in “atithi dev bhavo” completely.

We do not believe in caste system. I mean look at us. We have created reservation for lower castes in the last century and we still continue with it. 

We do not believe in misuse of the power that has been bestowed on us. Shame on you Trump for behaving the way you do. Just because you are President of the United States of America.

If anything untoward happens, like shutting down of meat shops and KFC in Gurgaon or beating up of the Africans or cops rounding up Juliets too in the anti Romeo drive, we have not done that. It is some external force playing mischief and trying to create problems in this peaceful country of ours.

So please do not call us intolerant in anyway. We are the most peaceful and happy nation in the world (our ranking of 122 on happiness index again is a manipulation of the world that doesn’t like India being such a peaceful super power).

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