Cheat codes and spoilers

Most of us love them. Cheat codes for games. That level you are stuck on forever and then you get hold of the cheat code and yippee! You get through the level. You feel awesome. You brag about crossing the level (and psstt.. you don’t tell anyone how you got through). Scrounge through the net today and these cheat codes are available everywhere. While many are for free, some are paid too. And the fact they are paid, means there is a market for them.

Spoilers are excitement too. We hate them (even though we are dying to find out what happens next) and we love them (when we are the ones doing the spoiling). Back in college, when there was no Internet, somebody had put up on the notice board that Kajol is the killer (can’t remember the movie)! Now we get to know the plot and pretty much everything on the web. Long before movie comes out, there are previews and ‘making of the movie’ stuff that keeps happening.

So you must be wondering why am I going on about this? Cheat codes and spoilers.

Life. That’s what I am about. There are no cheat codes or spoilers for life. Sure you can cheat your way through life, but that’s not the cheat code. It’s what most people do to get ahead and do well and make money blah blah. All that cheating has materialistic connotations to life. How to live a fulfilling life, there are no cheat codes to that. If you are stuck, you are stuck. You have to work your way out. You don’t have a cheat code ṭhat will get you to next level. And no matter what level you are or how well off you are (the benchmark of being successful in this world), there would have been occasions when you wished like hell that there was a cheat code. 

Authors of self help books, pretentious and profound writers though make money out of supposedly providing these cheat codes. Ha! The books sell a million copies. Enough to suggest that there are people out there who look for help to get to the next level. I don’t know of anyone who has transformed his or her life after reading any of these books.

There are no spoilers to life either. We never know how life is going to pan out. We never get to know the climax of every life stage beforehand. We all work towards a certain something in life but have no clue what will happen ten years from now, five years from now or even a year from now (life turns on a dime). We can make all the plans and have all the things in place but it al that might fall like a house of cards. A gust of wind will just blow things apart.

Of course, there are astrologers, tarot readers and what not who promise to tell you how it will turn out. Ever seen an astrologer sitting under a staircase in a mall, eager to be the spoiler. Wanting to tell you how your life will be. Did he or she ever figure out from their own horoscope or palm that they will be spending their life under that staircase? Oh maybe they did but they didn’t have the cheat code to better their lives :p

Talking of cheat code again, they give you the cheat code. The Stone they want you to wear on your finger or around your neck. That mantra they ask you to chant. Supposed cheat codes 🙂

It’s all a big scam. Worse than a ponzi scheme.

We as individuals are extremely insecure. As i wrote in my last post, we are constantly looking for divine intervention. We become the Mark (term used by conmen for suckers) for all these writers, astrologers, palmist and tarot readers. There is money to be made from insecurity of people so lets make money. It’s a big business. This insecurity. We are like lemmings walking up to them. Ever consulted any of these people when the times are good? The fact that you are reaching out to them is a big signpost you got on your forehead that says am in trouble and I need divine intervention. 

They send you back with enough optimism that future is going to be bright for sure (their spoiler) and wear this Stone for that (their cheat code). And we go back home happy. Knowing that we have now put our faith in that black string around our neck. That emerald or ruby or whatever. When things don’t quite turn out right, we seek second opinion… another astrologer or whatever… the cycle continues…

If you have read this far, you are hoping that i will have a revelation or nugget of wisdom which can help. Sorry, no such thing. I am not selling anything. What I have got here is experience of many I know and my experience. Am still looking for the cheat code and hoping I get a peak at the future ahead… 🙂

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