What is your worth?

If you were asked this question… how will you answer? What will you say? How will you define your worth? Or lets say calculate your worth…

For most of us I guess, our possessions would be a great starting point. A quick mental calculation will happen of all the gold in the locker and in the cupboard. All the real estate owned. And I don’t know what else. And then depending on the person you are talking to and your estimate of ‘his’ worth, either your smile will disappear or it will turn into a grin. After all the value we put to ourselves is in the context of others.

So lets say if I was to remove all things material from the equation in terms of calculating the worth… what happens then? Will you then struggle to figure it out? 

The others would talk about their importance in the organisation and the value they bring to the entire process. Will mark up promotions as their worth to the organisation.

The profound ones will then turn to analyse all their relationships… and try to figure out who values them more than others… There surely will be a few relationships where you have given more than taking… isn’t that how we judge the value of relationships? How much we give and how much we get in return.

Now I get it, in the context of society and how we have been brought up, it is either the money or the favourable balance of accounts in matters of relationship that we can calculate the worth.

So what if I was to remove the relationships too from the equation? What happens then?

Are we totally at a loss? Or do we then look deep inside us to figure out our self worth?

I think that’s the time, devoid of material assets and relationships, we assess our worth. For who we are as a person.

That’s the time, we realise that our worth is in the negative. We don’t have any.

We have spent so much time acquiring worth in the context of everything around us that we forgot who we are.

We stopped doing things that enhance our worth in our own eyes. We started believing that money and what people think of us became the defining thing.

The problem starts real young. Our parents instill this worth thing in the context of what they believe is required. We don’t question. As we move through life, every step there are people defining it for us… telling us what they think of us…

It’s only when you get to my age, that you start wondering (or maybe not everyone does… it is difficult to get off the treadmill), is that all there was to it?

Yeah yeah utterly boring and random post but hey… sometimes it’s good to have utterly random thoughts.

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