The Bubble

Everything is absolutely fine with the world.

iPhone 7 has been launched and people are figuring out how to upgrade quickly.

Amazon, flipkart, snapdeal… all are claiming huge turnout for buys… they are sending out message to tier I cities that its the tier II and tier III cities are buying stuff like crazy. More importantly, telling the world that people are spending money!

Navratras are on.

Festive season is round the corner. The malls will go on sale.

Automobiles had a great September.

Monsoon has been fairly decent.

The social chatter all of last week had been about how we are proud to be Indians.

The pubs are full (even on weekdays) and beer is flowing (oktoberfest you know).

This weekend all flights are packed, so are the trains. Hotel rates have skyrocketed.

America will get a new President and the world awaits… after all America rules the world and whoever leads America, we need to bow down to our new leader.

Joy, happiness and excitement all around…

So why am I restless. Why do I feel that the pressure is building and the bubble is becoming bigger… It is not ready to burst yet.

Am not an economist or a financial wiz. Nor am I a social scientist who is a keen follower of trends… but something is amiss…

Anyone knows what? Or am I going to be branded as a cynic who is never happy because the world is happy…

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