The Beast


Most of us would deny. Some even vehemently… but there is a beast in all of us. It hibernates. It waits. It operates in stealth mode. It is dormant perhaps.

It waits for the slightest bit of provocation. Then it recoils and launches itself. Look at the events around the world in past couple of months and even closer home. Rape, murder, terrorist (or supposedly terrorist) attacks. The scale of violence has gone up. It was almost like it was building up for a while and now the beast has been unleashed.

Lets talk about fanaticism and terrorism. The fanatics would like to believe that the violence they unleash is for a cause. It is not. It is just a sorry excuse. It allows them to cater to their animal instinct where they can just kill people. The cause becomes the crutch they use to pander to the beast in them. There is not one religion in the world which explicitly states that it is alright to take lives. But we interpret it for our own convenience because the beast inside us is hungry. And all it takes is some rabid speech for it to get going.

But that is at a level which we cannot even comprehend. Through time immemorial, wars have been waged, battles have been fought, lives have been taken. All in the name of religion. And there will be no end to it. In the name of peace, we will wage wars. Because it is the collective beast.

But am talking of the beast in us at an individual level. All it takes is a little bump to our vehicle on the road and its set free. At school, while teachers call it punishment for disobedience, it actually is whats inside us that is getting unleashed. A husband raising a hand on his wife. Physical abuse or even mental abuse by a woman of the man… believe it or not, it is the animal inside us.

A man raping a woman. It is a provocation. Not by what a woman is wearing or not wearing, it is just a female form… the gender. Else how would one explain a man raping a 5 year old or seven year old… those kids had done nothing to provoke a man in the way they dressed.

Yes as we evolve, as we get educated and culturally move our mindset out of dark ages, we perhaps learn to tame the beast a bit. No we do not kill it completely. We just tame it because we want it inside us. We all wait for provocation. Of course, because we are cultured, any slightest bit of provocation wont do.

And let me say that it is not about just men, the beast lurks inside women too. While they may not resort to physical violence, there are enough instances through the history and even in current news, where they have used men as surrogate to unleash the beast in them.

Do I have the beast in me? Yes i probably do. Maybe I haven’t been provoked enough.

This was just a random post… provoked by what has been happening all around. The shooting at the gay bar, Istanbul, Dhaka… the stuff I read in newspapers.

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