Pixelate my head

I always knew all along but this weekend it was confirmed… Hollywood is as capable as Bollywood in churning out trashy stuff…

Sony pix had this movie Pixels as a big premiere… So Sunday afternoon with nothing better to do, I watched it… And it sucked! Big time… And since I was in the mood to tortute myself, I watched the whole movie!

The basic premise of the movie – refer to IMDb or rotten tomatoes…

The movie sucked but it got me thinking.. Growing up, we all have these games we play.. Video games.. Arcade games. They are lot more evolved now.. Way way evolved.. So we all fantasise about games becoming real and we being the protagonist. I know I have. And it is fun.. To play that fantasy out in our heads. Where instead of controling the characters through controls, we are in there…

Fantasy and fantasising is an integral part of our mind I think.. Whether we call  it day dreaming or any other nomenclature… The mind is never at rest and when it is not occupied, it fantasises… Some people have a very vivid imagination and they sure get lost in that world. Nothing wrong in that.

Virtual world has become this world where fantasies do become real (virtually of course). Multiplayer role playing games are a genre by themselves. But other games too.. They all have graphics and stories that suck you in deep. Of course the darker side also panders to fantasies of a baser kind and acts as a stress release…

In a world we are constantly under pressure – at work, at school, in our interaction with the external environment. The fantasy world becomes our escape.. That momentary stepping into a world where we are the hero. We are the ones making life changing decisions (instead of our life being changed by a decision by someone else). Movies are like that.. The couple of hours in a dark theatre, we forget about the crowd around us, and lose ourselves in the images on the big screen.

Fantasies are healthy. Or so I have read somewhere.. Specially sexual fantasies. They are capable of reigniting relationships.

I think am probably scratching the surface with this fantasy bit of our mind… Probably will do some more research. This post was just sparked off by the monumentally banal movie.

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