Doing the right thing


right thing

It was a kind of a movie weekend. Watched Blood Diamond, The Departed and Time to Kill. Sparked off a thought about doing the right thing. What was in those movies that caused the thought is something I will come to later.

What is ‘doing the right thing’?

Right from the time when we are young and start being aware of the world around us, our parents drill into us to do the right thing. And we follow what they say.

But think about it… what is the ‘right’ thing. What is ‘right’? Right for whom? For the people who tell us or for us who follow? Right is such a subjective word. And more often than not, it is never quite right for us. But we blindly follow what is right for others. And if we don’t feel happy doing that, surely it is not the right thing.

There are so many instances in our lives when  we have said that we did the right thing. That by itself is a confession that we did what had to be done and not because we wanted to do it.

Why do we do it? Why don’t we do what we think is right? Because if we did, we will be taken on one long guilt trip. Will be called selfish. And many other such things.

To do the right thing our way is considered a rebellion. But that apart, doing the right thing never gives us what we want. Other than the fake satisfaction.

Even the image that head this post, I would like to look at it from my perspective. It is very tough to do the right thing because while it is right for us, it is not for others. Convoluted logic but you get it right?

Coming to the movies watched, Whether it was Blood Diamond or The Departed, the protagonist never gets what he should have. In both the cases he is dead for doing the right thing. Lonely and dead. But a HERO because he died for the right cause. Of course the third movie was a John Grisham novel so it had a stereotypical ending where everything turns out alright.

So yeah we will continue to do the right thing… and rationalize it every time we do so because it has been ingrained in us that it is better to be a Hero than to be a Villain… Everything has to be black and white… though if movies are any reflection (as they supposedly are) of the popular culture, the trend is changing… there are grey areas that we traverse but unlike the movies, we keep them hidden…

That apart, I do believe that The Departed was perhaps best performance by Leonardo Di Caprio.

So have you ever been happy when you did the ‘right’ thing?

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