Me & Harry Bosch

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Nope this is not a bromance or anything. It is just about similarities. Yeah call it crazy but that is how it is. While professionally we are not even in the same zone. But his addiction to his work perhaps matches mine…

Let me give an example. An excerpt:

“A big part of the rhythm was the monthly cycle of waiting for the yellow envelopes to come out. Sometimes Bosch found it hard to sleep during the nights leading up to Christmas. He never took time off during the first week of the month and never came to work late if there was a chance that the yellow envelopes were in. Even his teenage daughter noticed his monthly cycle of anticipation and agitation, and likened it to a menstrual cycle. Bosch didn’t see the humor in this and was embarrassed whenever she brought this up…

…He wanted a new case. He needed a new case. He needed to see the look on the killer’s face when he knocked on the door and showed his badge, the embodiment of unexpected justice come calling after so many years. It was addictive and  Bosch was craving for it now”

New case… something to work and think on afresh… break the mundaneness of sitting at office and doing the same thing over and over again… to go out there and catch a killer perhaps has driven Harry Bosch most of his life.

Same thing here. More than 20 years into the profession… I am still hungry.. still hungry for a new pitch. A call inviting us for a pitch gets me as excited as it used to 20 years ago. it galvanises me into action. And when there are multiple pitches on at the same time, the adrenalin rush is unbelievable.

I am glad that I am in the profession I am in… it is something new all the time… I did stray away for a few years and didn’t last very long… I guess am what people call adrenaline junkie…

Sure I don’t win all the pitches (if I did, I would have been the most sought after hitman haha) but the range of emotions one goes through during the process… only the people who are as passionate as me will get it.

I know a whole lot of people do not share the same enthusiasm but hey there are very few who have the same zealous approach as Harry.

In fact, just in his life, solving cases has become a number game, where bringing a killer to justice is just a case solved and most don’t share his emotions about doing the right thing, same way, in my profession, it has become all about billing rather than the satisfaction of winning the pitch.

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49 thoughts on “Me & Harry Bosch

  1. Ah… Never saw these short stories books ! And no wonder… E-books only. As much as I loathe to, time to invest in a kindle!

    BTW, Check out the TV series, Bosch. Pretty damn good, if not perfect

  2. This is one of the rare e books I have read. Am not a big fan of e books.. Nothing beats holding an actual book in hand and turning a page.

    I saw the first season of Bosch. It was based on City of Bones. Second season is on too.. Haven’t had the time to catch it yet…

    Are you the one who has been reading so many posts on my blog?

      1. Haha not vain! WordPress informed me that there has been a spike in traffic so I checked

      1. Plenty of Connelly fans around. We are definitely not the only ones .

        BTW, check House M.D if you haven’t yet. Closest you would come to the sheet brilliance and obsession of Bosch. Even better on some days. The fact that Hugh Laurie is delicious surely helps things though.

      2. Yes I have seen House…and not for the fact that Hugh Laurie is delicious! You should read Jack Reacher too

        And fans of Bosch… Yes am sure there are many around the world. Not come across them in India

  3. And as I discovered today to my disappointment, thanks to your image on the blog… I haven’t read all. None of the e-books only short stories. Alas!

  4. Jack Reacher is pretty good… And Lee Child is a great writer. But he isn’t as believable as Bosch. Prefer Sean King over him.

      1. True. But so is Jack Reacher in the latest books… Same drifting , a set of bad goons, either an espionage or an illegal ops..a new chick every book for a short fling, and beats them all with sheer muscle power. Kinda bored with the charade.

      1. Nope… Not for the lack of trying. But it didn’t last. Yet to meet another Bosch in books !

      2. I am trying to remember author’s name but hunt for detective Alan Banks.. All the books are set in England

  5. Will give it a try then. Also, there are a Couple more connelly short stories on Amazon along with suicide run. Check them out ! Tada for now. Pleasure chatting.

  6. Yeah… Though you lose your wit when you are bored. The latest ones are a bit drab. No offence. Just an observation…

  7. Well… Even though you did not remember Rachel Walling instantly ( and you should, with her being the ‘single bullet’ for Bosch) , even Bosch goes thru one such phase in Micheal Connelly’s latest. Ergo, The Crossing’ . Time for you to catch that one. BTW, I picked up a couple of Peter Robinson. Time to get reacquainted with Detective Alan Banks!

    1. And I had remembered Rachel but had got busy with work and did finally get around to asking you later.. That’s why I said am slow

    2. Have ordered ‘The Crossing’. It will arrive on Thursday but unfortunately I will be able to lay my hands on it only next wed

  8. Oh yeah…my bad. Eleanor Wish! Guess I don’t remember his life that well either. Rachel is the one who died in the shoot out I think… Wonder why i picked her . Enjoy the Book. Write a review!

      1. Not that I know of. Why the curiosity . Even if you did…why or how would it matter ? I am Rachel Walling on a Harry Bosch blog!

      2. Like I had said, there is only one other person I knew who read every Michael Connelly novel, knew Alan Banks. Have not been in touch with the person for last almost 5 years. Hence the curiosity.

  9. Well now you know two then..loosely speaking. Big fan of the Detective novels genre. So know all the major players.

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