So how aware are you about what is happening around you?

And am not talking about politics or economy. These two, it is best to be blissfully unaware of. You wont miss much. Anyone who is going to mention this kind of awareness, one kick in the pants. So no JNU, no sedition, no one year of Kejriwal or whatever…

I am talking about you… you who is totally occupied by your own self. Do you know what is happening around you? How aware are you?

Can you feel the subtle shifts in the tectonic plates? Can your senses (dulled by the feeling that you are the centre of the universe) sense the disaster that is on its way?

Dulled by the sense of complacency and a feeling that we have got what we want and there is an almost invincible feeling about us that we close our mind to changes that are happening around us.

The shifts and the undercurrents at work…or in a relationship… they are very subtle… very easy to miss out..

At work we are too focused on what is to be achieved for ourselves and ignore the toes we might be treading on… we like to believe that we are being the best of colleague… best of boss… Always our perspective… In a relationship, we like to believe that we are doing the best we can and tend to ignore that best is a very relative word…

We carry on with our lives.. oblivious to the ripples you have caused… and you are not reading the signals and then BAM! It all falls apart.

And when that happens, our first question always is.. how the hell did it happen?! Why was I not aware of it! strange eh? Were you sleeping? or were you too caught up in your own self?

Being aware requires a certain dispassionate approach… requires you to be caught up in your own self… and that is tough to do since at the very core, we all are rather selfish.

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