When the levee breaks

The title of the post is courtesy Led Zeppelin. Though not in the context of the song.

When the levee breaks, you are inundated.. Flooded… The waves that break through the levee washes you away.

It could be a flood of work, stress, emotions… If the levee of your mind is not strong enough, you will be washed away. And getting washed away here means that you react to a situation to get through the emergency. You make decisions that you think will shore up the barrier. A temporary arrangement which you think is a permanent solution. It never is. And the next big wave shows you that. And it is but natural… When you are about to drown, the only thought in your head is to keep that head above water. You are not thinking of ways to swim to safety.. I have read somewhere that most people drown because they are fighting the current. That is what happens to most of us.

What if we conditioned ourselves to be devoid of fear, devoid of insecurity, devoid of all emotions that cause panic… Won’t it allow our response to be lot better? 

That conditioning actually will make the levee much stronger and even if it breaks, we will have the surf board in our mind that will help us to ride the waves to a new shore.

Through the evolution of life on this planet, destruction has always led to birth of a new life… For something new to happen, something old has to give way…

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