Experiment with faith

This post is as random as it can get!

Have always wondered about this word ‘Faith’ and its implication.

What does it mean, why do we use it and most important, when do we use it.

The meaning I picked of this word as a noun is about trust and confidence in someone of something at one level, strong belief in doctrine of religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof on another level.

At some level, both mean the same. Humanity is also a religion and people form this humanity. So we have faith in people, things, rocks, monuments etc. purely on inner conviction rather than proof.

We treat faith as a given and do not think much about it most of the time. Go through most of the instance in your life and you will realise that every time you have mentioned faith or talked about faith is times have been bad or when we had a feeling that the person or something has not lived up to the faith we had in them. That is when words and phrases like misplace faith and unfaithful come up.

Why do we think of faith in bad times? Why can’t we think of faith in good faith? 😛

I think it has to do with transference of guilt. Transferring of our incapability to handle the situation on to somebody else. Because we then get a stick to beat the person or situation with. Call them unfaithful… say our faith was misplaced… or if it is about religion… let us not talk about it.

But give it a thought. This so called faith… it was our feeling… it was our conviction… at times on our own, other times as dictated by societal institutions. Did the person or the religious doctrine every say that we have to put the faith in them? It is a huge responsibility… isn’t it? Have we ever told a person that they should put faith in us? And even if we haven’t, have we ever done things that the person will have the faith in us. And if we ever fall short, do we accept? or do we peddle out a variety of excuses?

So here is the experiment that I am going to undertake.I am giving up on a few things that have ruled my life for a very long time. I used to say that come what may, these things I will never give up on. I want to see if things get better. The starting point is extreme cynicism in me for all such things. So come on ‘faith’… here is your opportunity to prove me wrong 🙂

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