The circus is back in town

Five years on.. its back in town. the big democracy circus!

Of course we been going through the teaser trailers for a while now…. the jokers are up out there.. telling people how they are gonna transform the lives of people in this country.

People? what people?? what transformation?

So for next two months, everything will be put on hold and all discussion would only revolve around the big jamboree leading up to 15th May.

And as always we as a nation will get the government we deserve… just like in my profession we say the client gets the agency it deserves.. not the best one but the one they opt for…

And this time for once, I will not be a cynic without a vote.. I get to vote too!!!!

2 thoughts on “The circus is back in town

    1. Hey Sachin, thanks for appreciating my posts.. I will surely go through yours when am not so mobile!

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