Two Guns

So it was a movie weekend. Saturday I watched The Lunchbox and have already drooled over the film in my earlier post.

Sunday I watched a very different genre. Two guns starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.

Typically with these two in a movie, one would expect the movie to be intense and serious but Two Guns kicked ass!

From the opening sequence in the diner across the bank to the end outside the ranch gate… it was a riot – of ROFL kinda one liners, of action and an absolute crackling chemistry in the interaction between the two. The wise cracks are so natural… almost like something you would share with a pal.

I think the story or what the plot was took a back seat to the two actors. Mark Wahlberg is always seen in characters that are serious and talk very little but in this movie.. he is one smart mouth and the wink.. totally out there!

Denzel Washington, the last movie of his that I saw was Flight and out here.. his deadpan expression while he says his one liners – specially when he has gun pointed at his crotch says something to the effect that the money surely wont be found there.. hilarious!

Even Bill Paxton is in his elements as the rogue CIA agent.

All in all.. was one fun experience.. laugh riot.

Four stars!


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