The Lunch Box

So this review will get lost in 100 of other reviews that this movie will be getting. Accolades and praises for this awesome 109 minutes of cinematic brilliance.

And of course now controversy too since the movie is not official entry for the Oscars.

Irrespective of all that, those who have not watched the movie… please do. Sheer food for the soul.

I am not going to give the story away except for reference to the ending (or no ending).

What is amazing is the premise. The Mumbai dabbawalas are known for their efficiency and error free delivery mechanism. Wikipedia states one wrong delivery in 6-8 million deliveries. And the premise built on that one wrong delivery which leads to a feast for emotions.

Now I am not the kind to go overboard for romantic movies. Give me action any day but this movie is stunning. Romance apart, which will leave an ache. Its the characters that make for the brilliance. Irrfan Khan… by the time he is done with Bollywood, he would have set benchmarks in acting that very few would be able to achieve. Here is a man who doesn’t have to say a word and yet says everything. Nawazuddin is in the same mode and the interaction between the two… it’s like you are watching two colleagues talk in front of you and not on a large screen.

Nimmat Kaur has done a fabulous job.. handling the myriad of emotions that go through a person when faced with something like what she does in the movie.

The climax when it happens. Actually it doesn’t. The titles just start rolling and the lights come on. I noticed that most people in the theater were still glued to their seats. Waiting for more. Waiting for a closure. Because convention says that each story must have an ending. Happy or otherwise… it needs a closure and this movie has no closure.

And that makes us human beings uncomfortable. All our lives we seek closure on everything. Everything that has a beginning, must at the end be neatly tied up and resolved. Very few of us go through life not seeking a closure. And the point is.. why seek a closure? Why does it satisfy us? Wont the life be lot more interesting if one did not have a closure? It would be a continuous streaming of experiences – multiple experiences that are happening at the same time and we are not boxing them into different compartments as done and dusted. Think about it.. lead a life without seeking closure or a finality or where it must end. Why should there be an end… You should not at the beginning of an experience define how you want the end to be… that is killing the experience even before it starts…

Am digressing though.. the point of this post was to talk about a brilliant movie and exhorting everyone to watch it..


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