Can we bury these fossils please?

When will these old ‘foot in the France’s politicians learn to shut up!

As if there isn’t enough Advani has done to mess up Narendra Modi’s chances by behaving in a petulant manner.. Rajnath Singh has to open his trap.

What losing of culture are you talking about Mr. Singh? What we call.culture is just a mask we Indians like to wear. A mask that hides the animal in all of us. So shut the f*** up and retire to whichever hole you had emerged from. And let Modi take care of things.

Oh and that reminds me.. All those who.have taken offense to Modi calling the ‘secularism’ bluff of all other parties.. I also got a question to ask. What really is your definition of secularism? Shaft the majority Hindus to uplift minorities votebank?? It is this definition of secularism that allows yadavs and the Mayawatis to have any kind if say in the political system. Secularism and also reservation is a fraud perpetrated by the so called leaders of freedom movement.. Must have been a great political movie at that point of time but now.. It’s just a way to shut the Hindu upper castes up..who supposedly are more well off than the protected ones..

And why? Because we had to fight harder.. For place in school and in colleges and hell.. Everywhere else too! Made us stronger and better because we knew that the only thing govt.will do for us is to raise taxes and take away our hard earned money and give it to the protected species.

Anyways enough political ranting for the.weekend. Had lots to type but then why bother.. Nothing will ever change…

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