numbing of the mind

Or is it dumbing.. not too sure.

Yesterday, the city supplement of Hindustan Times had this poll result for the question they asked day before. It was about people’s view on actor Sonam Kapoor planning to buy a house in Delhi! One of the burning and life defining issues that people in Delhi must address. And guess what… People did! voiced their opinion! except for the 25% of the people who checked on – they don’t really care (how insensitive of them!) the rest were divided. I think 40% thought it would be awesome to have Sonam living in this city and the others said no.. we don’t need more celebrities. since the opinions seems to be divided, it will make Sonam reconsider her such momentous decision.

And this my friends is the state of media in this country. Be it Times of India or Hindustan Times (supposedly vying for top spot as they keep brandishing IRS figures), they are dumbed down to an extent that to rise again is well neigh impossible.

Now we know why Reader’s Digest has filed for bankruptcy. Nobody wants to read stuff which is not voyeuristic or titillating or gossipy or bitchy. They don’t want to read stuff that is motivational or inspiring.


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