The Times Of India does it again!

Way back in October of 2011 I had done a post with headlineTimes of India Sucks”. It is one of my most read posts with people actually doing a Google search about precisely what the title said. Strange though that no one at The Times has cognizance of such searches. Anyways that post was about the Social Impact awards and the front page had only the politicians. No one who won the award.

This morning’s paper yet again about awards. Headline – The Night The Sun Shone. Am not very good with grammar but something seems to be wrong with that. But that’s not the point of the post. The point is that it was the night that the power elite were moved by the heart warming stories of grit, determination and hope. And half the page had pictures of these power elite! Eh no pictures of the people whose stories moved the power elite! Only mentions in the article… Seriously! I think the editorial team at the Times needs to sit down and have a serious chat about where the newspaper is heading.

When I open the newspaper in the morning… The last thing I want to see is the so called power elite. Bugger all they have done for the country. What gives them the right to waste newsprint and my money that I have paid for the newspaper.

Where were these people when the Capital was on a boil last month? Hiding behind fences and security in the Lutyen’s Delhi.

And the Times of India has become good at pandering to their egos and its own ego too. All of last month and even know they go on and on about Nirbhaya – and not failing to mention in brackets that it’s the name given by the paper to the rape victim.

Media in this country needs to mature. Something that should have happened over a period of time. As one of the oldest newspaper in the country, Times needs to be about responsible journalism and not dumbed down banal stuff that one gets to see everyday.

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