Automobile advertising – Creative cupboard is empty

Saw the commercial for Nissan Evalia yesterday. And while today I read on that they are all renowned musicians (I didn’t know), I kept wondering why the commercial looked so familiar! Turns out that Maruit Ertiga commercial was quite similar. Links at the bottom for you all to judge.

This pretty much is the story in automobile advertising – we are bereft of ideas on how to connect with the potential buyers. Either the communication is very inward looking – come buy me.. I got so many features or a very clichéd view of why a person buys a car – relationships, success symbol, have arrived etc. And not to miss the fact about mileage.

Somehow I think that automobile communication in India never builds passion. Never makes the buyer feel in love with his wheels. Never leads to situations where the women feel threatened by the existence of ‘her’ in their lives. Ever notice that we never personify the car… always it or car.. never ‘her’.

And it is never ‘he’r because the advertising we do is absolute tripe. The cars sell because people are evolving and looking for better cars (not looking for passion)

And till such time we are not trying to look beyond our nose or stop thinking that we know everything about automobile advertising, we will continue to churn out the stuff as shown in the links.

As an aside, once I was told by a creative guy (he had tons of experience in creating automobile advertising), it is very simple (from a print perspective) – have a great looking shot of the car – smart headline (more often than not, have a bank of headlines and pick one when the need arises), specs at the bottom and voila! the ad is ready!


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