The real consumer in advertising

Yep the people and the situations shown in our advertising, they are all true. All of that happens and all of it really really connects with the ones watching the ads. Husband and wife arguing in the car and then it turns out that the husband had booked a table for candlelight dinner and the call comes while they are arguing (just a little plug for one of the features in Ford Figoblue tooth phone connectivity – besides the point that the person at the other end can hear himself or herself on the speakers of the car!)

Or take for instance the new Raymond ad – Oh yes… it happens always! guy comes to see a girl for marriage… a reluctant girl and all he has to do is to pick up the book she drops and voila! girl is hooked!

Or Hyundai Eon – we love the Eon so much that we even get a tattoo done or a haircut which shows the brand name – After all we love our car and we are the ones who set the trend…

Not to forget how we love to show off our fancy new refrigerator. All real parties actually end with couple standing next to the refrigerator for the climax of the party.

And don’t you know… people love watching product windows. It is the most important part of the communication. After all, how else will they know about the benefits of the charcoal lighting heater or how the toothpaste fights those nasty germs or how the anti-aging cream goes deep into the skin and works its magic to make you look younger. We are very rational creatures and we must know intricate details of how the product works… else we will not buy.

Or yes we know very well that the hatchback we have bought, it actually is like a bus! so many people can sit inside and more importantly, the moments that we have in the car – they are as real as the ones shown in the ads – reference Sail and Ertiga.

And the countless deo ads for men and skincare and cosmetic ads for women. They are all true. I mean they must be true… deo market for men is like 1000 crores a year so it must be working and all over the country, the girls are just waiting to get intoxicated by the latest deo and are ready to strip or be all over the guys… And yes, woman emancipation is for real because we have real women promoting the virtues of Dove or for that matter a dab of cream here and there and the woman can get ahead in a man’s world by charming his pants off (figuratively coz men are not supposed to be stripping and fawning just because the woman smells good or looks good – that’s only for men deos.

And do you know why all ads depict real people and real aspirations? because we in advertising know what men want and what women want! We know because we have market research agencies who spend endless number of hours understanding consumer behaviour and telling us in fancy quadrantized way about how we can segment the consumer and sharpen our communication.

And in the pre-test research, the consumers tell us too that yes they love this ad or hate that ad so obviously we have it right!

Check out this link if you don’t believe me:



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