Julian Assange of India

While Mr. Kejriwal doesn’t have access to stuff Mr. Assange had, he surely is opening up multiple can of worms. Just hope his fate is not the same as Mr. Assange.

What he has probably done (and I am sure it is happening away from public eyes) is to bring all the political parties together. Every politician is worried if he could be the next target because every politician is corrupt to the core. And political parties are rallying around their tainted members. Imagine… Salman Khurshid should have been removed from the cabinet immediately after the charges were leveled against him. But what happens instead? He is promoted! becomes the External Affairs Minister! From a Congress perspective, if he was stripped of his portfolio, it would have been an acceptance of his guilt and would have tarnished the image of the party (as if anything is left to be tarnished). So is the case with BJP. Gadkari is actually being considered for second term as party leader because removing him from the post would give ammunition to the Congress.

But his revelation yesterday about Reliance is surely going to put the cat among pigeons. It has been known all along that large corporate houses fund political parties during elections. Else, how would parties campaign on the budget defined by the Election Commission! But talking about the nexus openly might have serious repercussions for Mr. Kejriwal. In the west, false cases and stuff happen to discredit whistle blowers but out here in India, whistle blowers just disappear from the face of this earth. So Mr. Kejriwal… tread very carefully indeed. You are going against the powers that have treated this country, its resources and its people as their personal property. Salman Khurshid made a threat but there are forces who don’t believe in talking.. they believe in action

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