Wagging the Dog – US Style


About ten days back I was discussing with someone about how in this US elections, the Republicans and Democrats don’t really have issues that will help them. And that Obama perhaps needs to hire the team from the movie “Wag the Dog” to help him. And guess what… it happened!

One surely wonders about the eruption of the controversy that was led by a film made by a nobody and the violence that it has caused. Actually in this world, anything related to religion will lead to violence… but I am wondering about the timing of it all.

Since the cold war ended, all the US Presidents have looked at Middle-East as the issue that will help their cause during elections and the only thing that gets the US united is a fight against terrorism and Islam and perhaps that was required to energize the campaign. And who cares about the collateral damage. Like I read somewhere – How  the violent mob knew the coordinates of the safe house?? Reminds anyone of the Movie Safe House? starring Denzel Washington.

I probably sound like a conspiracy theorist. And also make everyone wonder about why should it bother me enough to write about it. But I guess, as part of the world in the fall out zone for every explosion that happens in US (everyone remembers the economic crisis of 2008), yes I am bothered enough!


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