Ek Tha Tiger


Ek Tha Tiger
Ek Tha Tiger (Photo credit: Anil Wadghule)


Many would laugh that I actually saw the movie and on top of that writing a review!


The movie is quite awesome! Remove the romantic interludes and the movie is up there as far as action genre goes. Fabulously choreographed action pieces. The opening sequence sets the tone for Ek Tha Tiger. The pace, the background score.. amazing for an Indian movie.


Then the sequence in Cuba where Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif are walking peacefully and burst into action when her purse gets snatched. The chase sequence… wonderfully done.


Leave aside the fact that it is unbelievable for RAW to be shown the way it is (James Bond also doesn’t happen in real life), the production values in Indian Cinema are surely improving. Whether it is this movie or Don 2 or Ra.one… excellent production.


So leave aside your snobbish values which make you stay away from Salman Khan movies and check it out. Like I said earlier, awesome movie.




2 thoughts on “Ek Tha Tiger

  1. Yep… it was the kind of movie which doesn’t put pressure on the brain. Enjoy the movie and that is all there is to it. Nothing thought provoking!

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