It is downright funny!

Check out the link… It is hilarious. Congress seriously needs to do some thinking and ban these people from coming anywhere close to a mic or media! The leaders have become delusional. They think that any attack on the party is actually attack on the country and there are forces that seek to destabilize the country… Seriously?

The world doesn’t need to make efforts to destabilize us. We are doing it ourselves! or rather Congress is doing a very good job of it. Actually let me rephrase.. it is UPA, led by an ineffective leader. So blaming others or Anna Hazare is not going to help… Not that I am a fan of Anna but then comments like these will only make him more popular.

Vylar Ravi who is heading the coal ministry… he should first figure out the coalgate before pointing fingers at Anna. Find something more useful to do… and if you can’t, go back to wherever you have come from and let the nation live in peace.

2 thoughts on “It is downright funny!

  1. I am fully with you on this.. Due to such “Leaders”, India and its people still continue to struggle, despite having the best brains, resources and money.

    By the way, hi again. This is Venkat (ex-Acme). You helped me get a funding for Tamana from Acme, where my son studies. Regards (09891800067)

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