It’s not just about coffee

There is something about writing (typing?) a post sitting in a coffee shop (this post is not being done in a coffee shop though). Sure I got a coffee cup on my left while I type. But it is just not the same. Some of my best stuff (even if I say so myself) has happened while I was sitting in a Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) or a Barista or a Costa Coffee. Something to do with the environment and the state of mind…

There is always a buzz of people in the shop, mindless music blaring through the speakers (I always imagined it should waft) but I think there is some thinking that goes into the what should be the level of music. Should be loud, make people speak louder and make the place buzzy…

But when I switch on the lap top to work on a post, all of it seems to fade into the background… it is like I have distanced myself from the immediate environment (if i were spiritual, I would have said that my soul has left the body and is observing everything while floating)…

The words seem to just flow. They get shape, form and don’t stay just words but get personality. I sense that sitting over there, I can probably write ten more posts after the one I am working on. Even the coffee tastes different.

But away from the coffee shop, I struggle. Is it because the world outside the coffee shop has its pressures and distractions that I can’t think? Or is it that once the door to the coffee shop closes behind me as I enter, it insulates me from everything?

Whatever it is, it sure works. In last three and half months I think, I have done only two posts. I can think of various excuses but they just don’t work. I can’t think away from a coffee shop.

I am not very sure if Starbucks, when it opens up in India, will have the same effect. CCD, Barista and Costa have a very comfortable feel about them. And I like that. I need to start spending some time every day in one of these places… They are cathartic. Blogging is cathartic just the way probably a gym is too for me.

It is not just about coffee because I consume enough of that…

And damn! I just tipped over the coffee cup all over the table… never happens at coffee shop…

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