A wonderful ‘Civilization’ called India

Been a while I have posted anything. Lack of time is the excuse I would peddle but the truth is the writer’s block 😛

But a few things happening around me and I felt that I think I should express my views.

And it so happens that tomorrow is 26th January so makes this post rather apt.

So the video link did not work for Rushdie to read out a few more verses. Why is everyone so surprised or aghast over it. Obviously the link would not have worked. In this country, the technology also works the way political system does. Of course, I am unable to understand all this controversy.

I don’t think we should have banned or stopped Rushdie from visiting India on account of religious sentiments. We should have stopped him from coming because the event in Jaipur is a Literature Fest and he doesn’t belong there. His writing is pretentious and cure for insomnia.

It’s the western world which considers him a writer. I think he is full of ….

But nope this secular country which has this fundamental right about freedom of speech stops him from coming over because there are elections happening in a few crucial states and it is very important to listen to the views of a very critical ingredient in the electoral mix

Elsewhere, this secular country wants to push its ‘oh so secular views’ in other countries. Jay Leno must be thinking up of some more funny and interesting stuff to talk about this controversy on what he said or showed. Imagine, the one person who should have been really upset over his comments should have been Romney but we don’t know what his reaction was. I think US firmly put us in our place by telling us that free speech (in spirit and action) exists in their country and we should shut up.

Just the way we should have shut up when there was a court case about Bhagwad Gita happening somewhere deep in the frozen environments of some gulag in Siberia. Who are we to get all charged up about what happens in another country.

And we should not have be commenting on what the talk show host says in New Zealand about someone in India.

In fact, we should not be saying anything about anything about who says what in any country.

Aren’t we supposed to be one of the oldest civilization? And supposedly about tolerance?

But I guess as country, a mix of various religions and run by a political alliance, we are supposed to make all the right noises to appease everyone.

Also we should not let anyone say anything about political leaders even within the country. All the shit that has happened about banning a Facebook or Google.

We are also the moral police because we don’t want sex to be one of the most searched word coming out of this country. How dare anyone search for sex!! it is such a taboo word.

Enough of ranting. Hopefully I will have something nice to say in the next post.

Till then, life goes on in this wonderful civilization..


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