The Circus is Over…

Quite a few of my blog readers had asked me as to how come I was not writing about  Lokpal controversy and the fast by Anna Hazare. My answer to that was – It’s a waste of time… there is nothing to write about.

So why am I writing now? Because  circus is over. A circus where everyone was a clown… including the thousands who were holding protests across the country… on the streets, in their neighbourhood, at the Ramlila ground and everywhere else. I bet most didn’t know what they were protesting for.

They were there because it was cool to be associated with a movement. It was  cool to be seen there. It made for a whole lot of status updates on facebook and tweets by the twits.

And we are living in a delusion that something will come out of this whole fight against corruption. A bill that has waited to get passed for so many decades… we expect that it will get passed and Lokpal will come into existence?? Dream on people… The 500 hundred odd people who control the destiny of this country are steeped in corruption and they are surely not going to let anything happen to all the scams they run.. day in and day out. Political parties win elections on the basis of corruption… not by people’s will.

We are a country or scamsters… hustlers… everyone is out to make a quick buck or get things done to their satisfaction. Ever wondered how someone builds a billion dollar monstrosity for his residence and there is not one question raised about where did the money come from? The cream of Corporate India would soon be operating from the confines of Tihar Jail.. Not because suddenly we as a nation developed a conscience but because they did not either grease enough palms or did not use enough grease.

Hazare and his supporters think that they have won some kind of battle. What they don’t realise is that they have been outmaneuvered. The political class has pretended to give in and killed all the drama that was happening. And it will be business as usual very soon. The media will move on to newer stories… we will move on with our lives and money will keep getting transferred into the Swiss Bank accounts

Unlike the revolts, rebellions and uprisings in the Middle East and Africa, our country is different. We are not an oppressed lot or being ruled by a dictator. Under the constant opium spread into our blood stream by all the good things that are happening around us… Per Capita Income is rising… economy is growing faster than most economies in the world and blah blah blah.. we really have no strong reason to revolt. If there is corruption… it is there because we have encouraged it. We want our driving licences, we want to cut corners, we want our deal to go through, we want to sell our property by doing half cash half cheque deal…. I could go on… but we are responsible for the monster called corruption.. So we will not do anything to stop it because we still want all the aforesaid things.

Past couple of weeks… people on the streets and all the celebrities jumping up and down… it was all about few mins of fame for being associated with a cause. Most didn’t really know what the cause was…

Nothing is ever gonna happen…

9 thoughts on “The Circus is Over…

  1. I am proud to be a CLOWN in this CIRCUS….
    Just coz nothing can be done doesnt mean one shouldnt make any efforts…Agreed legislation is not THE solution to corruption…but the fact that people are getting alive gto the fact that it is a PARTCIPATORY DEMOCRACY and the Ruling Party CANNOT take us for a ride ! Nothing changes in a minute…but if we go by that then , nothing would ever move. We should be proud that a change has been initiated …and however minsicule it maybe is much much much and WAY much better than sitting at home and pointing fingers or cribbing about the 2G or how the country is going to dogs !
    PS: Atleast a Man who is 46 plus 28 years old went hungry for 13 days for a cause NEEDS TO BE APPRECIATED !

    1. Cause? What cause?? How come he has decided to fight for the cause now in last one year? Because the government involved him in the draft and then did not accept all his suggestions? You need to get real.. everyone has an axe to grind. And I agree… nothing changes in a minute… but something should have changed in last 64 years?? We just talk… when you are caught for a traffic violation… what are you going to do?? let the offense go on your record or settle it? Get real.. like I said we want corruption because it helps us to move on with our lives else we would have made this country the most non corrupt.. like some of the countries like Norway and Denmark

  2. 1. Atleast someone decided to fight for the cause- CORRUPTION !
    2. Since nothing happened in last 64 years doesnt mean we dont move arse NOW.
    3. Yes and if people who bribe are equally liable for punishment it will change someday-the Mindset. and this is precisely what can be handled by an apt legislation.
    4. Countries like norway sweden have a very well set up Ombudsman system, that does help people to act in line!!
    5. The mindset wouldnt have been against MURDERS and RAPE if there wouldnt have been an IPC to punish the GUILTY !
    6. I can go ahead and discuss the Lokpal and the Jan Lokpal drafts in detail by virtue of my profession…maybe someday we can have a discussion off the records…lol

    PS: There arent many who would go hungry for 13 days for ANY cause, here atleast there is a cause, too bad if some dont understand…and the example is Ramdev,he couldnt get thru coz he couldnt stand for the country he decided to flee and Anna moved the country !

    1. Lets see:

      1. Why is he getting so agitated over it the so called bill? Because what he wanted has not been included in the bill? Or more importantly, he has a bunch of people around him with their agenda

      2. We can move all we want, but collective conscience is numb and it is very nice to talk about it… but very difficult when the next time you are in a bind and the only way out is to handover some money

      3. What mindset are you talking about?? You need a mind for it first.. a clean mind.. which will make the person suffer rather than pay the bribe

      4. Why do Norway and Sweden have such a well established set up? and we do not. Why have we not built such a system in past 64 years? Because the political will does not exist. Every politician wants his pound of flesh. The political parties right after independence wanted to reap the rewards for the efforts they had supposedly put in the freedom struggle and later on… the kind of policies that existed… the so called license raj.. it ensured that they kept making money

      5. Talking about murder and rape.. Lets face it… the IPC and law has not ensured that they have gone away.. and you know why?… the virtues of a profession that you were talking about.. that same profession makes mockery of the judicial system which lets people roam free for years without ever getting punished for their crimes…

      6. Anna moved the country through all the great media consultants… Media made it hip to be associated with the cause.. I have been witness to so called candle light thingies that were happening all around… And you know what I saw? People clicking pictures… so that they can be posted on the face book… Anna moved the country alright… people made money by selling the tee shirts and flags… mobile operators made money by all the calls.. and the sms…. and the uploads… Few days back.. while I was driving… there was a truck load of people wearing Anna caps and tee shirts.. the truck was breaking every traffic rule. These people were spitting out from the truck and they happened to spit on a car passing by… when the driver protested… they spit some more on his car!!

      We are only kidding ourselves that we have ignited something here.

  3. 1. What he wanted did not get included in the Bill- YES…but do you know what he wanted will do good for us ! no personal gain for him…or teh bunch involved with him would come under the purview as well…SO someone took a step forward while others were sitting comfortably!
    2. AGREED – So whats the Solution according to you? please dont say I DONT KNOW…coz if you dont know then let things happen even if they are happening at a snails pace…and what harm has this non violent agitattion done to you and others anyway?
    3.When we are born …we are not born with any vices or virtues..we are conditioned and taught….so lets make a begining now…its not fair to compare a developed / developing country with the developed ones..the mindset is very different as the basic needs are met there …. Mindsets evolve and one has to condition them !
    4.AGREED..we havent had teh political will till now…but now if someone is trying to create a ripple..should we shun the process saying that it didnt happen in 64 years why now then ? lets start now…whats wromg ?
    5.Yes murders and Rapes have not gone away…but DETERRENCE my friend prevents you n me from committing many crimes which we could have just done it if tehre was no law. maybe corruption would sound like Murder 64 years down the lane…but then we need to make a begininig…and ANY begining is good..if it is not disrupting the country!
    6.That is one good thing that the media did…so whats wronmg if someone puts it on FB…if that person came out on teh street to support the cause even .05 percent…let the media make news..but how long would have the media been able to uphold the entire campaign if Anna wouldnt have started it all…or has the media in the past been able to carry out such a campaign against corruption…after all teh jessica lals and the prityadarshini mattos were a media hype but it bring back the lost cases to the courts.

    If we say its a participatory democracy , we must accept this. And Anna and his team were hell bent on passing teh Bill without referring it to the Standing Committe…but that demand was not yielded…WHY? coz it was extra constitutional…so when the other three demands are being met..Anna or ANY person of the civil society has teh right to come up and present a well drafted Bill…If Anna was blackmailing…then the country had come to a situation where such a legitimate blackmail was the need of the o\hour…he did not supersede the parliamentary Process nor the constitution….if the will of teh people is not important..why call it a democracy ???

    PS: Am writing a research paper on Competition Law…and Lokpal is not helping me…lol

    1. Have you ever experienced participatory democracy? The government puts all kind of surcharges on income tax? Have they ever accounted for where the money goes? The Parliament increases the salary of the MPs… Do they come back to us and ask us if the salary should be raised for the MPs who have been elected by us?

      And I think you missed the point. I am not against Anna Hazare but nor am I for him. I am against this flash mob kind of agitations (google the concept of flash mob). As far as Anna and his team are concerned, this Lokpal task is over and they are talking about something else. Seriously… this task is not over is it? The bill might get passed by a parliamentary committee that is set up (and we all know what happens with these committees) and become the law and then like all laws, it will get circumvented and each case will get into a quagmire called the judicial system.

      We cant keep moving from one cause to another… The swadeshi andolan during freedom struggle actually saw people shunning the western stuff. But now.. while the whole thing was happening.. there was an income tax guy who was asking for 50 lacs so that the penalty for tax evasion could come down by about 50 crores.. and he got paid too.. different issue that he got caught…

      How many people are ready to take the pledge that they will not pay a single rupee as bribe and will be ok if there work does not happen? Would you? would you be fine with your driving license being cancelled because you refused to pay the bribe?

      Oh and by the way… mark my words… the next general election.. all the members of Anna’s group would be standing for election and then we will see what they will do by becoming part of the political system

  4. And eh… if ur thinking I was evading ur comment on my profession..No profession has an ughly side definitely..but that doesnt in anyway come in the way of passing a robust legislation which would compliment any other means adopted for fighting corruption.

  5. Also I missed on a point…ofcourse there is hooliganism because so many people are getting together…but who stops the Police to take an action against them…for that matter Kejriwal instructed the Police to take action against any person who is caught shouting indecent slogans ( ive heard one of them for Baby Gandhi !)…so lets not blame this on Anna or his campaign…he is not there to take responsibility of the kind of person you and me are!

  6. Disclosure – I commend Anna’s will to fight for a cause, and like the cause he is fighting for.

    But… what he is fighting for is a Utopian Frankenstein. I agree with you that it will need a societal change not grease palms and not to take short-cuts. People everywhere want to take shortcuts (everywhere => all over the world), what matters is the level to which people grease palms – which has taken new highs in India. What perpetuates corruption is lack of services. I had (okay my parents not me) to pay over the list price to get a bajaj scooter, pay to get a phone connection. All that disappeared when scooters were available in plenty and cell-phones came into existence in India. The fight has to be to increase services and information. Creating another Frankenstein will not solve any purpose. What Anna has done is to divert peoples frustration for the present. The circus will go on… perhaps creating gainful employment to his retired cohorts.

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