‘Foot in the mouth’ disease

Mr. Azad, this is a far bigger disease than the one you have quoted and then scurried around to retract! And everyone knows that for politicians, it is a chronic one. Our Prime Minister suffered from it too last week. Make a comment and then claim the next day that 1. Never said it or 2. Been misquoted.

I am not going to comment on homosexuality… I have absolutely no views or opinion on anybody’s sexual preferences. But I do have a view and an opinion on people like Mr. Azad and people like him who think they are the custodians of Indian culture and morality. Who gave you the power to be so? What are your credentials? If you ask me.. I believe that people who shout the most.. are the ones who have a lot to hide..

Politicians and moral gatekeepers… the world around you is changing. You surely need to get your head out of the sand and look around.. There are far bigger issues that ail us as a nation.. address them… what two people do in a closed room or wherever is none of your business. People have a life to lead.. let them.

If you really want to do something… then enrich their lives.. make it comfortable… worth living.

There is a lot you can do for the nation and its people.. do those things.

Mr. Azad probably felt that Mr. Sibal was getting more mileage in media and decided to get himself in the news.. Well you had your moment in the sun.

Now if you are over your disease, get around to the ensuring better health delivery system to the people. There are people who die every day due to poor or non-existent health facilities.. How about doing something for them? You are the health minister… right?

One thought on “‘Foot in the mouth’ disease

  1. seems Mr. Azad got a taste of taking it from the back side after this comment. I am sure by now he has realised it aint such a bad thing. Men have prostates after all.

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