And here we go again…

With our fascination for white skin… But hang on… Obama is not white skin! Would he be categorized as Black or Brown? Or either of the colors with white inside? And we are fascinated because he is the President of Amreeka! The largest country and economy in the world (the Americans think so and so do many of us and people like us).

So will be here for 3 days and everybody is going bonkers… dunno about the average person but surely the media and the government are and of course the corporate world… specially the BPOs and KPOs and LPOs and all other POs and of course many who aspire for all the American brands and the culture they promote.. Most are already here anyways and post this visit others would come too… For instance the FDI in retail would get approved so that Walmart can become Walmart and not Bharti-Walmart. Because nowhere in the world do they have a prefix…

But I do wonder why we are so hung up with the western world and specially US… This morning in the newspaper I saw a picture of Clinton Platter! what was served to him when he had come to India. And of course once Obama is come and gone… we will get to read what did he have… what did he like and there would probably be a Obama platter too. Seriously… the hotel that Indian Prime Minister stays when he/she visits Washington.. does the hotel staff even remember the name of the last Indian Prime Minister who stayed there?? And yeah… also read that there are Obama t-shirts and chappals in the market!

As an economy, we have moved out of being Third World but our mindset has not changed… we do not behave as a nation that is probably going to define the world order in this century.

Europe is dying and US too.. specially when you look at how they perceive India and China as the next big threat to their economy. It is probably the envy that while the Corporate America took the their country to the brink of the disaster, the economies of India and China were not as affected. And it must be a serious issue for them that if they have to survive, they have to depend on the huge markets of these two countries.

Sure there are certain good things about US. After 9/11, the way they have ensured that the country would be safe, if India had done the same instead of looking for excuses and playing the blame games with the neighbours, we would feel safe too…

The day we can treat the visit of the US President as visit of just another Head of State… is the day we would have truly arrived on the World Stage…

The day we invent something and we have people in US craving for the product is the day we would move from BPO mentality to true technology leader…

The day an Indian brand becomes a coveted and desirable brand in the western hemisphere is the day the Corporate India can pat itself on their back…

Till then.. let’s get our lives cordoned off by the FBI and US Secret Service so that the US President’s Cadillac can move around with full air cover by US Air Force… and not to forget that we can order an Obama platter the next time we want to spend money at the Maurya Sheraton.


2 thoughts on “And here we go again…

  1. I am all for obama chappals. gives me an oppotunity to rub his face under my heels. I am in for obama condom and obama hemorrhoids cream too. anyone?

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