Coke Vs Pepsi

Over the weekend, both the colas unveiled their new campaigns… and for me the Coca Cola commercial is a huge winner… as much distance between the winner and loser as there is distance between that tacky Pepsi set and Ladakh.

Coke first – Forget the detractors who would probably say whats the big deal behind a coke in the middle of nowhere and the disbelief and what happens when the boy takes the sip… The commercial is sheer poetry… using that art which is so unique to India and make it come alive. And yet another track “Jaata kahan hai deewane…” sung in a completely doped out style and to my mind absolutely breathtaking lighting up of the bus to connote the festivities… Awesome. Coke turned the corner and went ahead of Pepsi when Aamir Khan got involved and they are continuing. Imran Khan & Kalki ad was riveting… not just because of the way the two acted but also the track mix… And the new commercial… fabulous

And the Pepsi Commercial – Seriously… what gives??? I know that the credo for Pepsi is irreverence and there have been absolutely mind blowing commercials that Pepsi has done in the past around irreverence and also some commercials which wove into the fabric of this country. Who can ever forget “Sachin ala re” or “Nothing Official About It”. Even Cyrus with his “Mera number kab aayega” was so true to a consumer insight of us Indians waiting for that divine intervention to turn our lives around. In the past, the irreverence of Pepsi was rooted in a strong strategy and the symbols of that strategy were icons which truly were icons. Youngistan has made the communication pure tripe. Sure Ranbir might be a heartthrob of millions (and I would imagine.. mostly females) but I seriously wonder how the scripts are written now… Is the commercial truly reflective of the young India? I don’t think the research really is throwing up any keen insights and most of this communication is being done by thinking up scripts on how to involve Ranbir in the story… and some new guideline which says that Pepsi bottle should be there in every frame.

I truly believe that cola advertising does not impact the consumption anymore. I mean seriously… If I am at Mac and want a cola.. am I going to say no to Coke just because Pepsi doesn’t have pouring rights? or a Pepsi in Pizza Hut. It doesn’t matter to my 7 year old what cola it is.. as long as he gets a cola.

But advertising, specially when it is talking to a generation which is going to take this country ahead, it needs to reflect the aspirations… cravings.. desires of the generation. Look for the icons that matter over a period of time and not some meteors that would brighten up and fade away.

5 thoughts on “Coke Vs Pepsi

  1. The ad is a sheer delight…the music , the art and the music… and the whole festive feel. Hats off to the guys who are redoing the old hindi classics.. i cant wait to have the song on my ipod.

    and pepsi… someone needs to tell them to get over the dostana hangover. its getting nauseating now. Ranbir kapoor looks so gay now

  2. can u give me the link of the song used in the ad…not the original op nayar one…i want the remixed version used in the ad…

    1. Hi Sarthak, sorry to disappoint you but I don’t have the link… wait for couple of days… given the popularity, I am sure the link would be available soon enough!

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