Incredible India

For over three hours… for people inside the stadium and the millions watching on TV… India was incredible! Yesss.. I think we had a spectacular opening ceremony! For that duration, everything was forgotten as the dazzle and the Rs 70 crores balloons with all the images on TV was enthralling. And of course Kalmadi got booed during his speech (was expected) and as one of my friends messaged… no need to burn him alive.. we can just hang him! lol

After all the mess in last one month leading up to the Commonwealth Games opening, I think a lot of us had tuned in to see if there are more screw ups (voyeurism at its best) and it was gripping stuff… Children forming Namaskar… fabulous stuff. The Indian ingenuity of getting it right at the last minute came through… as always. Gill can now gloat about his Indian wedding comment.

And not to miss the Incredible India commercial that played throughout. Awesome Ad!

I think all would be forgotten now and brushed under the carpet. The games would go off well and we would be back to our lives and media would have to look for something else to cry themselves hoarse about.

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