Judgement Day

Ok so much has been made about the verdict today that the entire country is on tenterhooks and I hope for the sake of the common man that the verdict runs into few thousand pages and true import is buried under typical legalese that no one really comes out a winner and things move to the supreme court. We are already grappling with enough problems and sure can do without a VHP or RSS or Bajrang dal or Muslim fanatics adding to them.

Now since I have already been branded a cynic and menopausal (or andropausal) whichever is the correct term… here is my take on all the parties talking about maintaining peace and harmony and how we have moved on… And please notice… there has been absolutely no statement at all from VHP or RSS (which should actually worry a lot of people).

And I would like to clarify that I am not a cynic by nature but it is very hard to believe the politicians who have mastered the art of saying one thing and doing something which is absolutely opposite.

Congress – While it has ensured that security arrangements are in place and is talking about maintaining peace, they are probably hoping that the verdict goes against the hindus and they can tom tom their secular credentials because after all the verdict happened during their regime. Also if the violence erupts due to the verdict, it would ensure that BJP and all the allied hindu parties would get wiped out from the national consciousness once and for all.

BJP – Obviously BJP would hope that the verdict is in favor of what they have propogated so that they can say their stand has been vindicated. Of course if there is violence and security forces are not able to handle it, they will get something strong to beat the Congress with… after all, right now BJP is like an opposition with nothing in their kitty to fight elections when they happen. And if the violence does happen, the fact that VHP and RSS have not said anything so far, they can come out clean and say they were not responsible for anything.

The Communist – In the heart of their hearts they would be hoping something does happen. It would help them to colour all parties as communal and communism being the only solution to the problems that the country has.

And here are a few others who would also be watching the events closely.

CWG OC & the Delhi Government – If something does go wrong, it would ensure that the focus shifts from the mess and shame they have put this country to.

All the terrorist organizations – A verdict against would just ensure that they get all the reasons to ramp up their activities. The plea being that muslims will never get justice in this country.

End of the day I think we are making too much out of this. The only time I got to know of the conflict was when the whole rath yatra shit had happened and the violence in 1992. So thank you Mr Advani for doing a better job than the Britishers did in dividing the country. All the terrorist attacks and bombing have started happening only after 1992. And this time around too, I think most of us common people had forgotten about it all but the bitter taste left behind by 1992 has got the case into prominence again.

I for one couldn’t care less as to which way the verdict goes. I have far bigger issues to tackle than to worry about a temple or a mosque being built. Go ahead and do whatever but leave us common  people in peace.

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