yes this is the post number 100!! I guess it is a huge achievement for me. In the past too I had started blogs but never went beyond couple of posts so reaching the three digits is a big surprise. To a regular blogger perhaps it is not big deal. Seth Godin writes one everyday… sometimes two posts in a day!

I think the trick to writing is to write something everyday… anything… as long as there are a few lines posted… which a lot of us are actually not able to do… including me. I mean I started a year and half back and ideally there should have been over 500 posts on my blog but here I am getting cheap thrills on my 100.

I think these posts are like a legacy I would be leaving behind once I am a doddering old fool who can’t see the typed word on the screen or can’t type. Like I had mentioned in many of my posts on social media, these posts would stay on the web forever and would continue to show views of a common man on everything that happens around him.

Now I am not very sure if my posts make a lot of sense to many who actually read them (they make sense to me). There have been close to 2000 views of my blog but only 100 comments. This could be indicative of two things:

1. People do not think my posts are worth commenting so they read and move on.. or

2. In a typical behavior that is demonstrated online, we are logged in for ourselves and think it is a waste of time to comment on a blogger’s post. After all the post is not a facebook status comment or even a peep into the private life of a person so why waste time commenting. On few occasions I had actually mentioned on facebook that comments if any, should be on the blog and not on facebook… never worked lol

And as one of the related articles says – a blog without comments is still a blog…

But what the hell! all those who read the posts… A BIG THANK YOU! and to people who took the time to comment… it has been pleasure to read your comments and there have been occasions that I have not responded to the comments because I could not think of a cool enough or intellectual enough response to the comment

My next big target is 500. And it shall be achieved… if I am still writing and if wordpress continues to be a popular blog site because in the virtual space nothing stays popular for long.

9 thoughts on “100

  1. Hey congrats…i have read most too. and commented on few! Don’t be so obsessed with the comments . 2000 views in an achievement in itself in a time when the online attention span is that of a goldfish

    1. Hey thanks for reading and commenting too and blame the obsession on wordpress which has these “stats to obsess over”… and like I mentioned in the post… a blog without comments is still a blog

  2. First of all CONGRATULATIONS…….
    Secondly APOLOGIES , I fall in the category of people who have been commenting on FB irrespective of the reminder from you…
    ALSO I did comment on ur blogs a couple of times ..realising that u dont reply back decided to comment on FB..so thanks for letting me know that u dint have an intelligent enough answer thats y u did not ever reply…lol [though I have been voting for ur blogs sincerely, incase wordpress gives u that data]
    With or without comments a blog is a blog..and i super like [sorry comes from FB] ur blogs and ur style of writing…so keep them coming and hope u touch a thousand soon.
    Also dont worry about intelliugent replies to my comment..I will accomodate..:-P

  3. Am not sure if i told you – you should venture in writing a book..Or have you already written one?? (i would be running to landmark! to buy it)

    You undoubtedly have a good writing skill – demands attention!
    Keep them coming!

    1. Hey Vinod,

      If I ever write a book.. and I know someday I probably will.. In acknowledgements, you will be right up there as someone who encouraged me to write. Thanks mate!

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