At No. 5 – The list of my top 5 posts

So the following is my first post on wordpress. It was in April 2009. And the reason it features in top 5… well because it was the very first one. And also it probably set the trend for me to grumble about all thing social media. Or to rephrase.. just grumble about everything…

As an add on.. check out the related articles listed at the bottom. Just reaffirm the point made in the post.

“My first Blog out here on wordpress and read this info about how the moment I click on the publish button, I will feature right on top in terms of recent posts and this  application, service or whatever its called…has got people really excited!

SEOs and sneaky ways to get on top of search results. Getting all and sundry to  added on your LinkedIn, Facebook and so on (people actually run campaigns to get people on their network).

We have just taken our skills of finding the easy way out for social recognition from the real world… to the web. I know of people who actually choose what kind of people and what kind of profiles should get reflected on their network (sounds familiar huh? which party to be seen at and with whom).

Why cant we be good at what we do and a google or a yahoo will ensure that we are top of the searches?? The other day I was speaking at a conference and one of the speakers also said that whoever tries to sell you an SEO strategy is talking a lot of BS!

We look for SEOs because they are shortcuts! (supposedly).

We need to be active on social media and tell the world in detail every minute of our lives (ok not every minute or most status updates would get censored). Do i really care about 10 bengali recipes appearing one after the other as status updates? Do i care about someone adding picture one by one for every one to see!! (why cant pictures be only for the people who would know and can comment about them!)

Grumble grumble grumble… thats how my first blog out here is. Hopefully something more meaningful the next time”


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