Commonwealth Games 2010 – Time to Travel

Now lets see… if these games were happening in lets say ummm Australia or New Zealand or maybe even Timbucktoo, by now there would have been various packages available from various tour operators for travelling to these destinations. Ok so may not have been on the same scale as they are for cricket but they would have been there.

But this tour operator takes the cake! Probably has figured out the interest in the Games in Delhi and the mess the city is in and the fact that all schools and colleges would be closed during the Games… this operator has outbound tour packages titled “Commonwealth Special Packages”… Talk about Indian ingenuity and knowing the pulse of the market.

Ms  Sheila Dixit, so much for the patriotism and nationalistic fervor about the Games… This ad is pretty much reflective of what the man on the street and the streetsmart businessmen think of these Games.

As an aside, caught excerpts of the press conference addressed by Kalmadi and Fennell… quite hilarious on CNN-IBN… while Fennell was saying he is absolutely satisfied with the venues, in the background there were pictures of different venues in utter shambles. Wonder if it was old footage being played in true media style to showcase as if it is latest footage or was it actually new footage… whatever it was, these games are gonna make for some hilarious episodes for super bloopers if someone was to focus on capturing them all.

And yeah, Ms Sonia Gandhi has commented for the first time about the Games. It is probably a couple of years too late but I really hope that she lives up to her word and the corrupt are actually handed out harsh punishment.

And Jatin, how could  you be so gullible and sink your money for government project without a work order?? I suggest you keep all the material that you got from KVIC or whatever and hold another fashion show.

2 thoughts on “Commonwealth Games 2010 – Time to Travel

  1. lol..well written bro. i bet the ad guy has some sense of humour… the typical “we are like this only attitude”

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