Another Independence day gone by

So yesterday was another Independence day… Another day of meaningless words uttered by the Prime Minister of India from the ramparts of the Red Fort. Another day of people on social networking sites talking about Happy Independence Day… There were many who wished me too for my birthday (wonder if it is good thing or a bad thing that I was born on this day)… another day or commercial establishments running fraud sales… another day of watching patriotic movies on tv… another day of media talking about the meaning of independence and what all has India achieved.. or not achieved…

Now till the next Independence Day (or even Republic Day), we will be back to business as usual… Politicians would be back to pushing the country down the drain.. shops would move on to rakshabandhan sale, followed by Dussera, Diwali and Christmas and New Year.

For a generation which never actually realized what it took to gain Independence (and sometimes I wonder if we are really independent), it is very hard to understand the relevance apart from the speil given my commercial establishments and brands or posting messages on facebook.

When “freedom to be” is curtailed by moral and cultural dogmas… When “freedom to be” is controlled by the political and beauraucratic set ups… when “freedom to be” is held to ransom on the streets in the garb of development… when “freedom to be” is cut down to size by the whole education system… when “freedom to be” is controlled  by just perhaps 1% of the country’s population… where is the freedom.

It’s a Matrix that we are living in… when collectively through various media mouthpieces we are told that we are far better off than our previous generation and examples are peddled of the state of well being.

I must confess that I am also living the Matrix life and believe everything that is told to me… living in a state of denial.. of things that are wrong and what needs to be done to correct things that are so wrong… It is not really my problem is it? Sure I will crib and fret but will I do anything about it? Nope I wont… why should I when others are not doing anything about it.

Now I am no fan of Mahatma Gandhi. But watched the movie Gandhi all over again yesterday and realized that for all his faults, the Man had it in him to move the nation as one and shake the foundations of the Imperialistic Britishers.

He did that because he believed in himself and the power of the people. How many of us can stand by our convictions in this day and age? No one I would imagine… and that includes me too. Saw the Bharati ad which is doing the rounds on facebook and how people are getting orgasmic over it… left me utterly cold… Probably I have become a cynic… probably my faith in the Matrix is waning… Probably I am searching for a white rabbit who would take me to Morpheus… and salvation.

4 thoughts on “Another Independence day gone by

  1. Independence day now is like birthdays.. you might not think much about them …but you still need to be all excited and happy about it..simply because every one expects you to and go through the motions.

  2. Hey Samir…. Kudos for another of your wonderful articles. Independence Day is like a simple holiday. People are excited more because of the leave of absence that they get from their routine. This year though I saw many people cursing about how Independence day fell on a sunday (consequently one holiday reduced)…

    Whats your opinion????

  3. Hey Rajesh Thanks!
    And thats just the point right? when we look at this day as a holiday rather than the significance it should hold… it pretty much says it all… we never went through the travails of fighting for independence so we don’t care… and every year that moves us a year further away from 1947, the more the importance would dim and soon it would be just another day…

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