Honor Killing?

First up… No killing ever can have the word ‘honor’ attached to it.

Second, the police must immediately arrest all the people who have justified the killing of Monica and her husband by saying its good for the community.

Third, our media needs to stop calling these cold blooded murders as honor killings. Stop sensationlizing these murders and show these communities as murderers.

A while back when the so called racial killings were turning into great opportunity for our media, I had written a post saying that we Indians are one of the most intolerant bunch of people in the world.. And the spate of these killings has proved the point yet again.

Lets not talk about economic advancement and India being a power to reckon with on the World stage when right within the boundaries of the capital city young lives are snuffed out so brutally.

Lets face it… for all the talk about progressive urban India… the mindsets have not changed one bit. Under the garb of protecting our culture, we indulge in violence of the most virulent kind. And this violence would not happen if there was a political will to curtail it. Caste and regional politics ensure that we would continue to live a schizophrenic existence. Its old news but I sure would want to know from Mr Naveen Jindal as to what right he had to support the tradition of khap panchayat.

In this day and age if the political parties are strong enough to care and work for what is good for the country, there would be no casteism, regionalism or these archaic and senseless traditions. Sorry… let me not even call them traditions because any system that promotes and propogates violence cannot be a tradition.

This post would be debunked as ranting of the educated people who do not understand the Indian culture and are influenced by the western cultures (or rather corrupted) but seriously… WHAT IS INDIAN CULTURE. It most definitely is not Mayawati talks about… it is  not the expensive shindig that Karunanidhi is organizing even as I type this… it is not what Raj Thakeray believes in… and the list would go on…

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