A beautiful game through the eyes of a cricket fanatic

Past two weeks have watched the world go crazy about soccer… Every which way you turn, there is something about the World Cup. Not that I was too keen on Asia Cup (in spite of being a fanatic) but still couldn’t stay away from logging into cricinfo for  my daily dose of cricket. Or even catching some of the T20 action from England (my kids were kinda wondering why would I want to watch counties in another country!)

But coming back to the beautiful game. I don’t watch EPL or bundesliga or…. but I do watch world cup… And the past two weeks of watching (and no I don’t watch the match starting midnight) have left me wondering why this game is called beautiful. Most matches to say the least have been boring. The so called favorites are floundering. Is Argentina part of the favorites? Maradona actually is quite an entertainment value on the sidelines and in terms of his quotes.

There is this whole swooning that happens over Brazil.. or Spain or Portugal etc etc and I wonder why… Except for that really freak goal that was scored by Brazil (was it the altitude and the wind that made the ball curve the way it did) there has hardly been any magic to keep one enthralled.. unless the ball constantly moving from one side of the ground to the other, bereft of any strategy, is considered enthralling.

People say that there is intense strategy that is involved in soccer and I am sure there is… and if there is.. then I wonder why Brazil was cribbing about the very defensive approach by North Korea… Hmmm did they expect the Koreans to keel over and play dead and let them score at will? Fans of Brazil of course must be happy today now that Ivory Coast did precisely that last night…

France is another story… They are sounding more and more like the Pakistan Cricket team with all the squabbling that is going on…

Italy… boils down to the last group match to figure what happens to them…

I have watched the world cups in the past and I must say (much to the ire of the soccer lovers) that the game is not beautiful any more… There is a sameness (much like one day cricket between 15th over and till the batting power play that happens).. the flair is missing.. creativity is missing… excitement is missing and yes the commentary sucks big time (get the commentators from South America! even if we don’t understand the language, they sure know how to get people excited).

Oh and by the way… India beat Pakistan! and the match was quite something! and West Indies is putting up a fight against South Africa (must be absolutely shocking for the South Africans).

So while I wait for the Asia Cup final, will watch the World Cup and tonight’s matches should hopefully be fun…

One thought on “A beautiful game through the eyes of a cricket fanatic

  1. Are you trying to figure out through this blog as to why the world is crazy about soccer? let me make it easy for you. Its the rippling sizzling six pack abs and the sheer raw sexuality and adrenaline on the field.

    And the WAGs (for men) … aka wives and girlfriends of the players

    Besides… every one loves a good fight.

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