All the deos in the world…

Seriously… It looks as if someone somewhere in the marketing and advertising world has figured that women are way too easy… Just splash some deo and watch women swoon, think incestuous thoughts, think adultery, strip… Etc. Etc… What gives guys?? Is this thought process a reflection on how men are so despo to snare a woman or are the women so shallow that all they need is a whiff of the deo? So lets try and answer a very basic question… What is the purpose of the deo? Think think think… Cant be such a difficult answer… And no it has no word beginning with W in it! Yesss its to stop body odor! Thats it… Nothing more and nothing less.

Only one brand actually is communicating that benefit… Garnier for men.. Rest all are trying to beat each other in terms of being perv… Bet the commercials are being inspired by all the wet dreams of the script writers…

For all the buyers of Axe, Denver, Addiction.. And X and Y and Z… Do let me know if you got women fawning over you because of the deo… I will get hair weaving done a la Sehwag or Harsha (since I cant shave my head off :p )

2 thoughts on “All the deos in the world…

  1. This coming from someone who is a die hard AXE user.. :p . And yes from a woman’s perspective.. We do like good smelling men…since most Of your lot smell like a three day old dead rat after an hour in the sun. swooning and sex in the elevator? Ummm.. Call me when you are in my part of the town next time 😀

  2. Exactly what I feel Mr Datar!
    I mean why why why…Deos are meant A) To attract the female population
    B) and specifically married women! Huh!
    I mean John Abraham (though would have been apt for a “highly seductive” Deo Ad),is a breather amongst all the zataks and axes! Phew !! (Rather MANY…lol)
    Wish these people could read this blog. ALL THE DEOS IN THE WORLD -We need a break!

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