Tough Choice!

So there is this one mobile phone operator who wants us to stop using paper and start using mobile phone for everything. There is another operator who wants us to save tigers and trying the whole surround in the true new age client way to help us save.

Now I am wondering.. surely that is the not the reason for spending huge money on advertising. With talktime being sold as commodity, they are probably hoping (and praying) that the consumer’s would connect with the so called CSR idea and switch there service operator!

And I am just wondering… how does one save the tigers?? How can the this movement work? Though I do love that lil cub shown in the commercial (have not caught the whole commercial ever.. is there a line somewhere which says that what you see is just footage?)

I have been told again and again by many people that information and communication technology is responsible for 2-3% of the global greenhouse emission. Am sure the figure would probably be much higher for India (we love to talk and talk and talk…) Have not heard any service operator talking about how they save on carbon emission more while we talk more? That comes from the core of their business right?

Oh and just an aside. There is this campaign for Samsung Corby and the opening line that goes with the visual of the guy getting up in the morning is “touch and I am up” snigger snigger.. was it the creative guy’s way of getting back at the client for having dictated each word of the VO?

Coming back to the service operators and there campaigns. I think Idea Cellular is just pure getting carried away by some of their advertising from the past (which by the way was only advertising… they have done nothing at the ground level to give true meaning to the idea)

AirCel of course is flush with money… having sold their tower assets so obviously somebody in the advertising agency came up with this idea to get some of that money for their agency…

I think the point is that these ideas like most news on channels and newspapers today are only good till the allocated budgets last.. never go beyond and turn meaningful.

And no… none of these ideas would help these brands get more users coming on to their network!

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