Wipe that Smile

Barkha Dutt in one of her columns in newspaper mentioned that the smile needs to be wiped off Rathore’s face. After 19 years in court, the case culminated in a 6 months sentence for the molester. Yes that smile definitely needs to be wiped off his face. My heart goes out to Ruchika’s father who sees that smile splashed across newspapers almost everyday.

But that smile is not just Rathore’s smile. It is the smile of every single offender who has connections in the power corridors and can get away with anything. It is the kind of smile that every SS and Gestapo officer had on his face when he was sending yet another jew into hell.

It is a symbol of what this country of ours has become. Soren was in jail for various offenses. He probably has many more cases pending against him and yet there is every likelihood that he will become the Chief Minister of Jharkhand. Where is the the election commission? Where is the rule which says that criminals cannot fight elections or be allowed to hold power in the political system.

Jessica Lall’s murderer was allowed to roam free. Nitish Kataria’s murderer can do what he wants. Guy takes Audi for a test drive and snuffs out one life and the leaves the other life hanging in balance and their kids who will question themselves all their life as to whose fault it really was and yet is able to claim bail within hours of his arrest. And even if he gets convicted after another 20 years, his sentence would at the max be 2 years!

The unfortunate part is that these events are only of news value to media. Get hyped for couple of days and then go on the back burner till the next anniversary happens. The Rajdeeps, the Arnabs will scream, shout and rant for a day, get the eyeballs, get the brands advertising on their channel and move on to the next big story. Does anyone really care what happens to the victims? Nope… nobody cares. The people who should care are actually the people who are not with the common man but with the likes of Rathore who has the sickening smile on his face.

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