Power is the ultimate stimulant

Forget if N D Tiwari was involved in the romp or not. Forget if those pictures are really him or is this yet again some kind of political conspiracy!

The point is an 86 year old with 3 women! That would be something. Every single company manufacturing so called medicines about virility should quickly get Mr Tiwari as their brand ambassador! I can even think of a campaign hahaha!

But on a serious note, this is what power does to people. It is the ultimate stimulant. When a person has power, he can do and get anything that he wants.

There is also the power of media which can today make or break a public figure. Tiger Woods too is a case in point. One supposed indescretion and there are women coming out of woodwork claiming to have shared a whole lot of stuff with Tiger…

As public figures, it becomes paramount to be aware of the status and walk the straight line. Not so much for self but for a huge mass of people who look up to the person as an idol. In this day and age, nothing is hidden and news travels at lightening speed (check the Tiwari episode on youtube).

Power comes for a reason and it needs to be put to good use to transform the life of millions and also the environment around. Used for personal gains, it almost always leads to a fall and there are many such examples.

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