Mobile Phone Etiquettes during Air Travel

The aircraft has landed. Hostess is making an announcement about the weather and how mobile phones should not be switched on till the doors of the aircraft are opened. She makes the announcement in English as well as Hindi.

She has not even finished, the aircraft is still taxing and what do we hear… switching on of mobile phones all around. Message tones as messages start popping into in box… people beginning conversation “I have just landed… still in the plane” and chatter starts.

These are the times when I feel like taking that mic from the hostess and kicking some butt! The world will not end if the phones remain off for another 10 mins! And no earth shattering messages would have come while the people were 35ooo feet up in the air!

Hell! what is it with people?? What can possibly be so important that it cant wait for the aircraft to come to a complete halt! I think its a case of showing off… how important I am… the moment I switch on the phone… see see there are so many messages that are coming! people cant do without me!! Ok so I might be getting paranoid but I surely dont want the aircraft to develop problems just because these morons can’t keep their bloody phones off!!!

My recommendation to all airlines… next time you hear the phone ring… snatch that phone away and make the person pay a fine while he/she are getting off!

One thought on “Mobile Phone Etiquettes during Air Travel

  1. True it ticks me off as well, how about people rushing into elevators even before the ones already in getting off!
    People jumping traffic signals, as if 30 seconds would change the face of earth, and unfortunately there is no end to it.

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