Meeting Aspirations Indian Style!

Maruti 800cc Car
Maruti 800cc Car

The picture pretty much symbolises how we in India work on our aspirations till we actually manage to achieve them!

In my earlier post “Driving & Behaviour”, I had touched upon this aspiration when the guy in small car is looking to overtake a big car and how deep in his heart he wants to drive the BIG car and here is the example of that…

While this is perhaps the first such thing I have seen in Pune, out in Delhi where I had spent almost 13 years, jazzing up the saddi Maaruutii was pretty common. Match box compact with wide wall tyres, music system that would blow the lid off even a Volvo were sights and sounds that were very common… But those were also the days that there was a not too expensive compact and then there were expensive sedans. Nothing in between to meet those in between aspirations.

I would have imagined that now with a huge clutter in compact, a sedan for the price of high end compact etc… such things would be passe… just goes to show that the “age old jugadoo” mentality has not really changed. Also perhaps the reason why we in India are not as badly affected by the recession as the US…

And while car brands will come and go, I do believe that our love affair with the Maruti brand would never fade away. It is the quintessential middle class car (even an SX4 addresses the same mentality). We move up in life but never let go of the values we have grown up with. And is perhaps the reason that month on month Maruti (Suzuki) continues to show growth and every model that they launch in compact segment works.

Yesterday a friend of mine had put up the latest ad for the automobile brand he works for, on facebook. Great looking ad.. well shot with lot of post production work. But ultimately while looks are desirable, the question by the consumer at the dealership would be “What is the mileage?”

Reminds me of the conversation I had with a friend long ago… She had gone with her family to check out a Mercedes. Everyone was asking questions and she also wanted to put in her two bits so she asked about the Mileage! The Sales Representative almost fainted…

And seriously, look around… most cars in India sell on fuel efficiency… the one with best.. turn into cabs.

And that too pretty much sums up our aspirations… We want a lot and yet that lot should give value lot more than what we have paid for…

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